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About Us



AGRYMER were founded in 2021 by a group of friends who love the art of handcraft, and trying to reflect this passion into their life.

At AGRYMER, we believe the goal of tufting is not just knitting a rug. It's about how you transform your enthusiastic as patterns on the rug .


In the community, it is usual that a beginner does't know how to start tufting their own rug,

Or some parts of the tufting machine is broken, yet they can't find the replace parts on the Internet.

It's obviously not a good idea that you have to buy a new tufting machine just because the needle are curved.


So here we are!


We provide tutorial about how to tuft your first rug. We post excellent patterns that inspires your rug design.

We sell high-quality tufting machine, rug clothing in high quality,  components of the machine, and yarns

More importantly,  we share common errors happended to machine as a reference to repair your own.


No matter where you are, who you are and what you are,  AGRYMER is a place we built for all craft lovers.