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2021 Best Sewer Jetter Kit

Sewer Jetter Kit

A clogged drain is the most devastating thing in life. Small objects such as hair, sawdust, and food residues are easily washed away by the water, clogging the pipes over time.
We cannot prevent this from happening. I have also tried many ways to clean up blocked pipes, such as using chemicals, augers, etc. However, the final effect is not particularly good.
The easiest way is to use a sewer ejector, which is simple to operate and has a small cost.
I will introduce to you in this guide the Sewer Jetter Kit that I think is the most cost-effective.

What is a Sewer ejector?

Working Principle
The principle of the sewer ejector is that water passes through a pressure pump to form a high pressure, and then it is sprayed from the nozzle of the hose.
It uses the high pressure of water to decompose the debris in the pipeline and flows out of the sewer pipeline with the water flow.
Nozzle type
The open nozzle has multiple front and rear openings. You can use the opening at the front to clean up blockages, and the opening at the back is responsible for cleaning the treated pipes.
The closed nozzle and the open nozzle have the same shape. The difference between the two is that the closed nozzle does not have an opening at the front end. Therefore, this type of nozzle is only suitable for cleaning pipes that are not blocked by debris.
The shape of the blast nozzle is a flat rectangle, which is more suitable for cleaning pipelines blocked by sediment.

Sewer Jetter Kit
The rotating nozzle

The rotating nozzle also has front and rear openings. In particular, all the openings are located in the rotating part of the nozzle, which can spray water in all directions.

TTlifemall best Sewer Jetter Kit

TTlifemall's sewer spraying kit uses a rotating nozzle. It can easily clean up the debris in the pipe and flush the side wall of the pipe.
The inner layer of the hose in the sewer spray kit uses thermoplastic polyester. It is strong and can easily extend into the depth of the drainage pipe.
The reinforcement layer is a 1/4" high-strength polyester fiber braided layer. It can effectively prevent the explosion of the water pipe.

Sewer Jetter Kit
TTlifemall sewer jetter kit

In addition, you can use TTlifemall sewer pressure washer not only for kitchen sewers, but also for bathroom sewers and outdoor drainage pipes. One thing is multi-purpose, and the price is very high.
TTlifemall Sewer Jetter Kit is a must-have cleaning product for the family, don't hesitate, buy it now.

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