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The magic of women's body sculpting--Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Swing

Aerial yoga is a new type of yoga that connects with the completion of various yoga movements with the help of a silk hammock hung from the roof.
The force principle comes from the combination of gravity, centripetal force and anti-gravity.
Aerial yoga is a special way of yoga. Long-term exercise can achieve a certain weight loss effect. Of course, I think the biggest advantage of aerial yoga is that it can perfectly shape the body and temperament of the exerciser.
Next, let me count the advantages of aerial yoga.

Exercise core muscle groups

For aerial yoga exercises, in addition to basic stretching, other yoga movements require a good balance.
If you want to keep hanging on the Aerial Yoga Hammock continuously, you need to activate the deep muscles of the human body to maintain stability.

Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial yoga moves

Therefore, through aerial yoga, arms, auxiliary breasts, buttocks and thighs will be significantly exercised.
Perseverance for a long time can shape your body well and enhance your temperament.

Relieve stress and relax

The stretching and hanging movements of aerial yoga allow you to use your own gravity to relieve the pressure on your spine.
It will release the stress and discomfort of one day. In addition, the Aerial Yoga Swing is also very suitable for meditation to relax one's mood.

Promote blood circulation

Using a hammock to stand upside down in the air can speed up blood circulation, especially for people with insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Aerial Yoga Hammock
Inverted yoga pose

For students and office workers, the level of daily brain use is very high. Practicing aerial yoga can make your brain more awake and your thinking more agile.

Of course, you must pay attention to the correct method when contacting aerial yoga.

On the one hand, you need to prepare a high-quality yoga hammock.
TTlifemall aerial yoga hammock is made of nylon and adopts a plain weavemethod of interlacing warp and weft. It has a silky appearance and good abrasion resistance.

Aerial Yoga Swing
TTlifemall yoga hammock

On the other hand, it is best to have a certain yoga foundation before practicing aerial yoga. You can also start your practice on the basis of a certain knowledge of aerial yoga.
The above are some of the advantages of aerial yoga. If you are also fond of aerial yoga, you can try to experience it. Believe me it will bring you surprises and fun.

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