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Ancient Bathing Culture-Russian Sauna From The Middle Ages To The Present

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Bathing Culture

Ancient Russian tradition: Russian Bathing Culture From The Middle Ages To The Present

TTlifemall portable sauna can be easily moved, the indoor and outdoor sauna can be used. A Folding bathtub with a thermostatic cover can also achieve the same effect. The roller on the bottom of the portable bathtub can realize the massage function. The plastic material used in the bathtub is safe and tasteless, which ensures the excellent patient heat of the bathtub. Let us learn about the long history of bathing in Russia.
As the old saying goes in Russians: Days in Banya are not old days.Banya is the synonym for Russian sauna. Russians have a soft spot for the sauna. Since the Middle Ages, sauna has become a traditional custom that has swept the country. Now, the Russian bath, Finnish bath, Turkish bath, and Japanese bath are known as the "Four Famous Baths in the World". Russians believe that saunas have special healing properties. In Russian, sweating and health are almost synonymous. The sauna is known as "the chief doctor of the common people", followed by the Russian favorite vodka, and the third is eating raw garlic. On the other hand, the Russians believe that taking a sauna is a double purification of the body and mind, and sauna bathing is an indispensable custom in various major ceremonies. The famous Russian writer Pushkin even praised Banya as the second mother of the Russians in 1832. In the era of Peter the Great, he regarded Banya as a remnant of medieval Russia. He ordered Banya to be banned and encouraged the nobles to build Western-style bathrooms in their palaces and mansions but ultimately failed to reverse the nobles’ obsession with Banya.By the end of the 18th century, almost every palace in St. Petersburg had a Banya bathroom, and the folks were full of various Banya bathrooms. In the Tsar’s era, Banya became an important welcome ceremony. Valuable guests will be able to enjoy Banya baths with the Tsar himself.The principle of Banya bathing is simple. A closed space is continuously heated, and the human skin can stretch pores under this high temperature and high humidity state, accelerate blood circulation, the body will sweat continuously, and the sweat discharges toxins in the body. In the past, Russians needed wooden bathrooms for Banya bathing, but now, we can achieve the same effect at home and enjoy the physical and mental enjoyment from this long-established bathing culture like the nobles in ancient Russia.The far-infrared sauna will bring you unparalleled physical and mental enjoyment, just like Banya used by the ancient Russian nobles. The protanle sauna is full of sense of technology, high heating efficiency, and real-time temperature display.

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