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How to become a "coffee baker"

Coffee roaster

As a coffee lover, nothing is more pleasant than getting up in the morning and enjoying a cup of pure coffee.
At first I thought that roasting coffee by myself was not a simple matter. Even if I need a cup of coffee every day, I still don't have the will to learn to roast coffee.
Until one day, a friend who also loves coffee recommended me a coffee roaster. He told me that making coffee is not difficult, and then I started my coffee roasting journey with the attitude of giving it a try.
Although I am not a professional coffee roaster yet, I have fallen in love with doing this.
Some friends may give up doing this because of trouble, but I can tell you clearly that it is not difficult to roast your own coffee. Becoming a coffee roaster is also very simple.
The following content will introduce how to become a qualified "coffee baker".

How to choose coffee beans

Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee beans are mainly divided into the following four types:
Arabica coffee beans are mainly grown in high-altitude areas in Brazil. This type of coffee beans has low acidity and higher sweetness. It is not suitable for making cold drinks or mixing with milk. It is ideal for making pure coffee.
Robusta coffee beans have a high caffeine content and are also the world's second-most produced coffee beans. This type of coffee beans is suitable for mixing some cream and sugar.
Liberian coffee beans are relatively rare compared to the first two types of coffee beans. Because of its harsh planting conditions, the annual output is very small. This type of coffee has some fruity aromas.
The output of Excelsa is also very small. The acidity and fruit aroma of this type of coffee beans are more obvious.

Which type of coffee machine should we buy

I think I would like you to recommend the coffee roasting machine that my friend introduced to you at the beginning of the article——TTlifemall Coffee Roaster Machine. Practice has proved that it is really easy to use.

Coffee roaster
TTlifemall coffee roaster

This coffee bean roaster uses honeycomb heating technology to heat the coffee beans evenly. At the same time, the temperature setting range of this home coffee roaster is 100~240 degrees Celsius, which can satisfy both light roasting and deep roasting.
What I am most satisfied with is the rotating arm at the bottom of the electric bean roaster. It can flip the coffee beans evenly and doesn't make me spend too much energy.
This Home Coffee Roaster heats 800g of coffee beans at the same time, so I can roast more reserved coffee beans at one time.
As for the length of the baking time, usually 8~12 minutes is enough. If the number of coffee beans is large, you can extend the roasting time appropriately.

How to store coffee beans

After the coffee beans are roasted, they should be allowed to cool immediately while removing the dry husks of the coffee beans.
Freshly roasted coffee beans are not easy to use right away. They should be placed in a storage bag and wait for 3 to 10 days to let the gas in the body release.
The key to storing roasted coffee beans is: let it work with high temperature, oxygen, sunlight and moisture.
Therefore, you'd better put the roasted coffee beans in a closed container and put them in a cool, dry and dark place.

Store coffee beans
Store coffee beans in closed containers

Some people may think that the refrigerator is the best place to store coffee beans. Actually not. Although the temperature of the refrigerator is low, there are too many things in the refrigerator, and the coffee may be mixed with other flavors.
Moreover, the humidity in the refrigerator is high, and coffee is very susceptible to moisture. Therefore, the refrigerator is not the best choice for storing coffee beans.
Knowing the above information about coffee roasting, I believe you can also become a coffee roaster.

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