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Different Uses of Wicker Picnic Baskets

wicker picnic basket

Picnic baskets on the market are of various materials and styles, such as cloth picnic baskets, plastic picnic baskets, wooden picnic baskets, round picnic baskets, square picnic baskets and so on.

However, my favorite is the stylish and retro wicker picnic basket. It always reminds me of the people who became keen on road trips in the 1950s and 1960s.

I bought a willow picnic basket for the first time a year ago, and I fell in love with it when I got the basket. So far, I have three wicker picnic baskets in my home. My favorite is the dark brown wicker picnic basket purchased from TTlifemall two month ago.

willow picnic basket
Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket

You may be wondering if I buy so many picnic baskets to store space in the storage room? I want to say that is not the case. I think you will be curious about what I did with these baskets.

Use 1: An eye-catching picnic tool

The biggest function of the unique picnic basket is of course to be used during outdoor picnics. From spring to autumn, we always like to spend some time in the suburbs or parks when the weather is good, and take care of our own lunch or dinner by the way.

It is no exaggeration to say that the retro wicker-style picnic basket I bring on every outing always attracts the admiring eyes of people next to me.

It is worth mentioning that the TTlifemall picnic basket I recently purchased is very satisfied with me.

Not only is it very large, it can be used to store picnic food for our family of four, and four sets of picnic tableware are also presented, which is very cost-effective.

wicker picnic basket
TTlifemall Picnic Basket

What I am most satisfied with is that the materials used in it are both waterproof and heat-preserving. Even if your food accidentally soils the picnic basket, you can easily clean it up.

My child and I took this TTlifemall wicker picnic basket for a picnic in the park last week. It gave me and my child a pleasant afternoon.

willow picnic basket
Picnic Time with Family

In addition, I would like to recommend a drink very suitable for summer: strawberry sangria.

The production process is very simple, you only need to mix the fruit (strawberry, orange or lemon) and sugar in a cup, then mash the fruit and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Then add wine and liqueur, refrigerate for 2 hours and you can get this great summer drink.

Use 2: Practical storage box

We don't have time to go out for a picnic every day. Picnic baskets are naturally forgotten in the storage room at certain times. I think this is the practice of most families.

I have always believed that each item can play a unique role in different time periods and on different occasions. We left them idle because we haven't figured out how to use them. As long as you are willing to think, you will find that each item has multiple uses.

Take the willow picnic basket as an example. The most original purpose of a picnic basket is to hold things, because its volume is large enough. Therefore, it is a great storage box that can store a lot of things.

You can use it as a snack box to store canned food, biscuits and other small snacks. You will find this very useful.

You can also put willow picnic basket in the hallway as a storage box for sundries, which can be used to put keys, dog leashes and other things that you want to get when you go out. I put the smaller picnic basket in the hallway.

wicker picnic basket
Picnic Basket Storage Box in The Hallway

Use three: unique decorations

The wicker picnic basket is a very period item. In my opinion, just let it stand still, it can also be regarded as a work of art.

The TTlifemall wicker picnic basket is a work of art. When not using it, I will put it on the bookshelf in the study room.

I took out all the utensils in it and put some of the books on the shelf in the unique picnic basket. Then open the picnic basket and place it on the shelf. I have to say that this looks very harmonious.

The book and the picnic basket seem to be one, they are both the embodiment of art.

Of course, you can place the picnic basket wherever you see fit according to your own taste and hobbies. The living room, desk, etc. can all be decorated with picnic baskets as long as you like.

If you have also discovered the uniqueness of a wicker picnic basket, you also want to own it. I highly recommend that you buy a picnic basket from TTlifemall, it is a combination of practicality and art.

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