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Heal Our Hearts with Musical Instruments


Heal Our Hearts with Musical Instruments

Many of my peers would follow adults to church on weekends, give sermons with everyone, and listen carefully to the speakers sharing their life experiences, as well as the experiences they gained through prayer and facing difficulties in life when I was young.

When the piano accompaniment sounded, the choir members on the stage sang hymns with a natural voice. God’s music surrounds us. As listeners, we temporarily drift into another world by listening to music.

Our body and mind are healed by a wonderful power, thus giving up control of our own will and thoughts, and achieving an unprecedented level of mind and body In a relaxed state, all kinds of good expectations for the futurelife in my heart spontaneously arise. At this moment, the pressure is released, and the negative emotions of the past week have been calmed down.

Not only gospel music can bring healing to people's body and mind, in fact, as long as you listen to music that suits your own rhythm, you can restore the state of physical and mental balance! If this rhythm resonates with the mood, body, and mind at the moment, it can have an impact.

Music, is the rhythm that composers get inspired in their daily lives, just like the wind blowing leaves, the waves beating on the reefs, the birds sing and the insects, and even our own breathing and heartbeat are also a unique rhythm.This also works in our body, our breathing, heartbeat rhythm, these are the unique rhythms of our biological functions.

You don't have to have the same musical talent as Avril Lavigne. You can release your stress by writing lyrics, composing and singing by yourself. You can relax your body and mind by playing with your own instruments.

Choosing a percussion instrument is a good choice. The 8-inch Crystal Bowl can not only be used to beat and make beautiful notes, at the same time, it can also be used as a perfect furniture display with a variety of colors. The 10-inch Crystal Bowl also has the same effect.

If you think the Crystal Bowl has the color of Buddhist utensils or is too bulky, then choose the Handpan Drum or Steel Tongue Drum with a stylish appearance that resembles a UFO spacecraft. Handpan Drum can send out G3, C4, D4, E4 by hitting, F4, G4 six different tones, Steel Tongue Drum can emit more tones, up to 14 kinds! For many people, there may not be so much time to percussion instruments. Here, you can choose a 6-Tone Single-Row Wind Chime and simply enjoy the music performance brought by the wind.

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