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The best fitness equipment in 2021——home gym pulley

pulley cable system

Free weights occupies an absolute dominance in power-assisted training. However, the American Sports Commission has clearly pointed out that using ropes instead of barbell and dumbbell training will significantly increase strength.
Compared to barbells and dumbbells, home gym pulleys are actually more controllable and useful fitness equipment.

home gym pulleys
Home gym pulley

This guide will introduce you to the three advantages of using fitness pulleys.

Advantage 1: Exercise is safer

In the free weight exercise, if you do not have certain experience. Then you have a great possibility of being injured.
If you make a mistake in estimating what you can bear, then when you lift a barbell or dumbbell and find that it is too heavy, then it is too late to regret it. You will subconsciously use force to fight against gravity, so it is easy to get injured.
But using pulley cable system will not cause such problems at all. Use fitness ropes for training, it will not have such a large gravity. And in the exercise process, the fitness pulley system is always very flexible and will not put too much pressure on the joints.

home gym pulleys
Lifting pulley system

Advantage 2: Maintain continuous tension and exercise more muscle groups

Muscles are constantly in a state of tension during the exercise process is a big standard to measure the effect of exercise.
When doing free weight exercises, you lose muscle tension when you swing down. The exercise effect achieved in this way will be compromised.
But when using lifting pulley system for exercises, stretching or relaxing can keep the muscles in working condition. And in the whole exercise process, the speed is constant, which has a better effect on muscle exercise.

Advantage three: exercise at home

Sometimes when we arrive at the gym, there are already many people waiting there. In order not to waste time, exercise at home is also a good choice.
Moreover, now that the new crown epidemic is serious, it is safer to train at home. Buying a family fitness rope can achieve fitness goals well.

pulley cable system
Fitness pulley system

The TTlifemall fitness pulley system can change the connection method, so you can get multiple sports modes such as pull-down, pull-up, horizontal stretching and so on.
According to different exercise modes, you can target multiple muscle groups such as triceps, biceps, arms, shoulders and back.
High-strength and wear-resistant nylon material, which can withstand up to 220 pounds, suitable for most people who exercise at home.
Buy a fitness pulley to enjoy the many benefits of gym exercise, hurry up and buy it.

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