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How to Prepare Hot Pot and Barbecue at Home

hotpot BBQ grill

Hot pot is a way of dining that Chinese people love very much. Korean barbecue is one of the famous foods in Korea. What these two foods have in common is that they encourage a family to sit around a table and wait for the food to ripen.
I like this way of dining very much. In my family, we will prepare a sumptuous meal on weekends or holiday evenings. My family and friends will gather together to enjoy food, talk and relax.

family dinner
Family dinner

Hot pot and Korean barbecue are very popular in our house. Hot pot every weekend is my most anticipated meal. However, my brother George is addicted to barbecue.
The content of this guide will cover the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare hot pot and barbecue.

Buy the ingredients you need

One of the reasons I like hot pot is that you can put almost all the ingredients you like into the soup. But at the same time, you can customize it according to the number of people at dinner, and there will be no leftovers.
First you need to prepare the hot pot soup base. The hot pot has spicy seasoning soup and some lighter ones. You can buy seasoning packets at Asian supermarkets and add water or chicken soup.
General hot pot and barbecue ingredients include meat, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms and so on. Wash the vegetables, cut the root vegetables into 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick slices, and separate the leaves of the green leafy vegetables. Then put them neatly on the plate.

Hot pot side dishes
Hot pot side dishes

As for the meat for hot pot, it needs to be cut into very thin slices. You can choose to buy packaged thin meat slices directly at Asian supermarkets, or you can slice them yourself. If you try to slice it yourself, I suggest you freeze the meat for a few hours first to make it easier to slice.
The meat used for grilling does not need to be very thin. Instead, you can cut them into slices 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick like vegetables, but you need to marinate them in advance.

What equipment is needed?

There are many pots dedicated to hot pot and barbecue on the Internet. You can of course buy them separately. Then you need to buy a burner to heat them.
But I found a two-in-one hot pot grill in TTlifemall. This is simply designed for me. We can have hot pot and barbecue at the same time.
This two-in-one pot comes with a heating device, you only need to connect the power supply. Moreover, the hot pot and the barbecue pot have separate temperature adjustment buttons.

Temperature adjustment button
Temperature adjustment button

Even the pot on the hot pot side has a partition, which can provide two flavors of soup base at one time. This hotpot BBQ grill uses a non-stick coating and is very easy to clean.
In addition, you also need to buy a strainer ladles. This way you can easily fish out the cooked food from the hot pot.
Eating hot pot and barbecue requires patience, and it needs to be enjoyed slowly over a longer period of time. Anyone who has tried it will love this kind of food. Maybe this is the time for you to start trying them.

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