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How to choose the right chainsaw for your yard

heldhold chainsaw

If you have a house with a courtyard, then you need to consider organizing your yard regularly. Owning a TTlifemall mini chainsaw can save you a lot of time and energy. It can be used for pruning branches or cutting down trees. Such a convenient logging tool is worth paying for it.

How to choose the right chainsaw that suits you? You can start from the following aspects:

Cordless or Corded

The biggest difference between cordless and corded chainsaw is whether to use an extension cord when working.

As the name suggests, when using a wire saw, you need to use a wire to connect to a power source to supply power at all times. Therefore, its range of activities is limited, and it cannot be too far away from the power source.

The TTlifemall cordless chainsaw uses battery power, you only need to fully charge the battery, and the battery power chainsaw can last for a long time.

There is no restriction on the wire, and the range of movement of the cordless chainsaw is not restricted.

In addition, the battery power chainsaw does not need to be like a gas chainsaw, because the fuel is exhausted, and it pauses to replenish fuel in the middle.

Shape and Volume

The gas chainsaw is very large and heavy, so it is easy to feel tired when holding it for a long time.

The TTlifemall heldhold chainsaw is compact because of the small number of engines and is very light. The one-handed grip design makes the electric saw very comfortable to use, and will not tire your hands after long-term use.

mini chainsaw
Mini chainsaw that can be held in one hand

Scenes to Be Used

The gas chainsaw has a large engine and sufficient power. It is an ideal choice for heavy work and is suitable for use on farms and pastures.

The TTlifemall electric chainsaw is relatively small due to its compact engine, and is suitable for pruning trees, branches, and cutting small logs. For small corners that cannot be touched by large gas chainsaws, the best battery chainsaw can easily clean up the debris, so it is very suitable for handling all corners of the home garden.

heldhold chainsaw
Handheld chainsaw for cutting small wood

Noise and Smell

When using a gas chainsaw, there will be noise that is hard to ignore, and the mixed oil and natural gas fuel will give off an unpleasant smell when the chainsaw is running. Therefore, this type of chainsaw is suitable for use in open areas with few people.

With the use of a mini electric chainsaw with an upgraded engine, the noise has been greatly improved. Because no fuel is needed, the unpleasant smell of fuel will not be left during work.


The air chain saw is suitable for more professional people to operate. It is heavy and powerful, so it is not suitable for low strength or beginners.

The TTlifemall mini electric chainsaw is simple in design and can be started by pressing a button. The thoughtful baffle design can also prevent the sawdust from splashing and protect the safety of users.

The size of the cordless chainsaw is small, so it can be quickly mastered by the elderly, women or beginners.

heldhold chainsaw
Safe switch of the mini chainsaw


Compared with expensive gas chain saws, this cordless chainsaw is low in price and can save you part of your expenses. For beginners, it is also very cost-effective to buy this chainsaw for practice.

What are you still hesitating about, this TTlifemall mini chainsaw for gardens is worth buying.

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