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Playing the sound that hits the soul——with Handpan Drum

handpan drum

What is a Handpan Instrument?

The handpan drum is a percussion instrument created in 2000 by two Swiss Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.

The the hang drum is composed of two hemispherical steel molds combined through the process of nitrogen.

It is generally 9-note, mostly in D minor, and is played by striking the drumhead.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

handpan instrument
The handpan drum on TTlifemall

What’s more, by purchasing handpan drum on TTlifemll, you will not only get this magical instrument, but you will also have accessories such as drum stands, drumsticks, drum kits and rags, which will save you a lot of money.

The handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

The handpan instrument looks like a UFO, and its sound is long and ethereal, hitting human souls directly.

The sound of the the hang drum is unforgettable when you strike it casually. Once you hear it, you will fall in love with this wonderful sound.

handpan drum
Enjoy wonderful handpan drum music

How to identify high-quality tambourines?

Three factors are the key to buying hand drums.

1. Tone.

The material of the handpan drum is different, and its tone style is also very different.

Due to the special pronunciation principle, if a hand disc wants to have good sound quality, it needs to be debugged repeatedly.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan instrument, from the selection to the production of the hanging instruments, each step is independently completed by an experienced tuner.

2. Materials.

There are two main types of materials for making handpan instrument:

One kind of material is carbon steel. The hang drum made of this material has a longer sustain, but it is prone to rust and requires effort in maintenance.

Another material is STL. This material is not easy to rust, but the handpan drum made of it has relatively poor sustain.

The hang drum of TTlifemall is made of hand-made nitrogen stainless steel. The sustain of the handpan drum is very good, and it is durable and does not rust.

You only need to use olive oil for maintenance once a week.

Hand drum production process

3. Appearance.

The most intuitive way to test a hang drum is to look at its appearance.

Observe those circular sound areas. If the sound areas are too neat and flat, and the lines are not rounded, the handpan drum is most likely from an industrial assembly line, rather than being built by professionals.

The high-quality handpan drum of TTlifemall is guaranteed to be handmade by professionals, so you will see uneven marks on the surface of the tambourine. Please rest assured, this is normal.

Come on and buy high-quality handpan instrument from TTlifemall!

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