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Making ceramics for beginners: the materials and tools you need

electric pottery wheel

The pottery is made by hand using clay and then made through a special firing process. Pottery has a long history and has become an indispensable part of fine arts. Making pottery is a fun and healing process.


Trying pottery making will allow you to see how the soil becomes porcelain step by step. As a beginner, you should try to learn bravely.

Our guide will tell you which pottery materials and equipment a beginner should have.


Clay is a soil with low sand content and high viscosity. According to the different oxygen content, the color can be divided into white, gray, orange, embroidered color, red, etc.

Clay is mainly divided into three different types:

  • Stoneware
  • Clay
  • Porcelain Clay

We recommend that beginners buy stone clay. Stone clay not only has a variety of colors to choose from (white to dark brown). Moreover, the fired stone clay has no gaps, no glaze is needed, and it can be used directly for water.

Pottery clay is also widely used, and it is generally thicker than stoneware. If you want the pottery made of clay to hold water, you need an extra glazing process.

Porcelain clay is the most difficult for beginners to master. To make ceramics from china clay, the step of mixing water is very important. Adding too much water is difficult to shape, and too little water is easy to collapse. This is not the best choice for beginners.

Basic Tool

Making pottery is a complex and delicate work, requiring a lot of small tools. The tools we recommend here include:

Towel and apron

  • Sponge
  • Ribs and spatula
  • Brush
  • Dressing knife
  • Pottery needle
  • Metal wire
  • Throwing stick
  • Wooden ribs
  • Wooden modeling tools

Pottery Wheel

The pottery wheel is an indispensable tool in the process of making pottery. If you are making cups, plates, jars and other items, we highly recommend that you buy a pottery wheel. This will make your job easier.

Pottery wheels are divided into manual and electric. For beginners, electric pottery wheels do not need the coordination required for kicking theory, so we recommend that beginners buy electric pottery wheels.

electric pottery wheel
TTlifemall electric pottery wheel

The electric pottery wheel of TTlifemall costs less than US$200, which is very suitable for beginners to make pottery at home.

The TTlifemall’s professional ceramic wheel machine has a compact structure, a good floor space, and a mud-retaining function.

In addition, the purchase of this pottery wheel also comes with a set of shaping tools, which can save you a lot of money.


After the clay is finished, it must be fired, otherwise it will be very fragile. Only a professional kiln can reach the temperature required to make pottery, and the temperature of an oven in a general household is far from enough.

But the actual situation is that the kiln is not cheap, and it is not cost-effective to buy it separately.

Although there are small kilns for several hundred dollars to choose from, your consideration is clear whether you want to own it for a long time.

If not, you don't want to spend too much money on this, you still have many ways to complete the pottery firing.

If there are studios around you that are teaching pottery classes, that's right, you can ask them to make pottery for you. In addition, if there is a local supplier that provides pottery firing services, I think you can also find help.

Pottery Turntable Clamp

For beginners, making mistakes is common. It takes practice again and again to make perfect pottery. Those imperfect finished products can also be used after repair.

adjustable pottery repair tool
TTlifemall Pottery turntable clamp

TTlifemall's adjustable pottery repair tool can easily help you find the center of the pottery. At the same time, this pottery turntable clamp can also be used on the pottery wheel to simplify the repair work.

The pottery turntable holder and TTlifemall electric pottery wheel make your pottery making easier and simpler. Hurry up and start your pottery making journey.

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