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Create a Smart Life with Smart Door Locks

smart door lock

In the digital age, smart homes have become a new trend. Smart locks provide convenience for more and more families.
Compared with key locks, using smart door locks you will not have the risk of losing your keys, let alone worry about your home lock being picked. Using smart door locks will make your life more comfortable.
Smart door locks are designed to make your home more secure and convenient. As a keyless alternative to traditional door locks, smart door locks are a key part of realizing home security automation.
When I decided to make a smart renovation of my house six months ago, I already used a smart door lock-a high-quality 5 and 1 smart door lock from TTlifemall. Facts have proved that this door lock gives me enough sense of security.
This article will cover everything you want to know about smart door locks.

Stay away from the worries of key discarding

The keyless door lock I bought has five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, IC card, key, and WiFi application.

smart door lock
5 ways to unlock

This digital door lock can be connected to Wi-Fi, and then you can easily control the smart door lock through the application downloaded in your phone.
My favorite way to unlock is to open the door with a numeric keypad and fingerprint. The digital password setting of this keyless door lock is very simple. I will frequently change my door lock code to ensure safety.
In addition, this digital door lock program can store 100 fingerprints, and I entered the fingerprints of our family of three. Whenever you don't want to enter password after going home, fingerprint unlocking is simply too convenient.

Open the door remotely when no one is at home

For those who have jobs, keyless door locks can save a lot of trouble. Even if you and your family are not at home, you can still let a friend or deliveryman enter your home.

keyless door lock
Remote control

Through the mobile application, you can provide access to the people you choose and share digital passwords. In this way, you can also receive the package when you go out.

Esure safety

Compared with traditional door locks, the risk of smart door locks being picked is significantly reduced. You don't have to worry about uninvited guests sneak into your home without your knowledge.
The smart lock is connected to your mobile phone, and the application in the mobile phone can prompt you to lock the door when you go out. This function can store unlocking records locally and delete door card users on the digital door lock APP remotely.

keyless door lock
TTlifemall smart door lock

How to ensure the safety of your smart door lock

Even though there are so many advantages of smart door locks, you can still take some measures to ensure your door locks are safe. You need to update your smart lock password regularly, and only share this password with your family and trusted people.
The longer and more complex the password you set, the more secure it is. The password of TTlifemall smart door lock is up to 12 digits in length, which is not easy to be cracked by hackers.
In general, smart door locks bring convenience and higher security to each family's life. This is indeed a good choice for people who pursue a simple and smart life.

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