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Back to School with a New Gift——Student Microscope

student microscope

August began, and it was almost time for the students to return to school. The three-month holiday may have made children forget what they are going to school.

But it's okay, you can help your child get back to learning as soon as possible. That is to prepare a student microscope for your child as a gift back to school.

student microscope
Student microscope

The vast universe and the wonderful micro world are the polarities of our perception. And children's exploration of the microcosm starts with a microscope.

The microscope creates a special and novel world for children. It can fully satisfy children's curiosity about the "invisible" world.

Preparing a student microscope for your child can effectively stimulate his imagination and guide him to sort out the correct scientific view.

Children will also show a wide range of interest in science in future school studies.

So which microscope should you choose for your child?

TTlifemall’s student microscope is very suitable as a gift for children to start school.


As far as the durability of a microscope is concerned, only high-quality materials and strong structure can be called a good microscope.

TTlifemall optical microscope uses high-quality, environmentally friendly ABS material. It is not only durable, but also environmentally friendly and healthy.

student microscope
Student microscope frame

Magnification factor

This children's microscope is equipped with three objective lenses, 40X, 10X and 4X. This monocular microscope offers 10 magnification settings, ranging from 40X to 2000X.


Most of the current microscopes no longer have a microscope, and they all come with a built-in light source. Microscope lighting systems currently on the market include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, tungsten lamps and LEDs.

For non-experimental student microscopes, it is the best choice to use low-power LED lighting.

TTlifemall kids microscope is equipped with LEDs for illumination at the bottom and near the objective lens, which meets the needs of use.

student microscope
LED light for TTlifemall microscope


The general market price of a microscope with such a high magnification is more than US$100. The price of this high-magnification microscope from TTlifemall is not only under one hundred yuan, but also offers discounts when you buy it now.

Don't let your hesitation, let the world lack a successful biologist!

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