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Your room lacks a beautiful tapestry

tapestry loom

Knitting means that people use tools or hands to interlace and connect strips to form strips or block patterns. Tapestry knitting is also called weft knitting, which is also a type of knitting.
Tapestry weaving is the process of weaving patterns on the weft with warp threads (yarn for weaving). Nowadays, knitting enthusiasts are increasing year by year, especially female enthusiasts.

Tapestry weaving
Woven tapestry

Tapestry knitting can not only be used to weave tapestries, but also can be used to weave carpets, etc. It can also satisfy people's pursuit of individuality.
Tapestry weaving is a fun and relaxing process. Whether you are a craftsman or a layman who doesn't know anything about knitting, as long as you start the first step of knitting, you will fall in love with this activity for no reason.
This blog will take you to further understand tapestry weaving.

Start with the tapestry loom

The weaving loom is a useful frame for weaving. Tapestry looms include handheld tapestry looms and vertical tapestry looms.
Hand-held tapestry looms are relatively small, and the size of patterns that can be woven is also limited. This type of loom can often only be used for weaving small pendants.
The vertical tapestry loom has a larger area, and it can support larger weaving projects.

tapestry loom
TTlifemall tapestry loom

TTlifemall's hand weaving loom is made of high-quality beech wood. The hanging wall of the loom is polished smoothly to minimize the wear on the yarn.
This tapestry loom also has three height adjustment functions. You can flexibly choose the height of the loom according to your own pattern size.
The purchase of this tapestry loom will also give away the shuttles, wooden combs, and large hole needles that may be used in the knitting process.

Tapestry loom accessories
Tapestry loom accessories

Choice of knitting yarn

Whether it is linen thread, wool thread or cotton yarn, it can be used for tapestry weaving. You can choose yarns of different textures according to your preferences and budget.
But it should be noted that the yarns you choose should be relatively tight, so as not to be easily worn out.
Of course, if you want to speed up the knitting speed, you can also choose a thicker yarn. This can increase the diversity of weaving works.

Tapestry weaving
Woven tapestry works

The combination of fine yarn and thick yarn will also have unexpected effects.
With tapestry wooden looms and yarns, you can weave beautiful tapestries according to your own patterns and designs!

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