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How to Use Our Rug Tufting Machine

1. Preparation measures:

When threading, ensure that the tufting gun is switched off, and it is best to unplug the machine's power plug to avoid accidentally turning on the machine.

When replacing/replacement of any parts, please also unplug the power supply of the tufting machine.

When changing the scissors of the cut pile tufting gun, please do not fail to remember that it is sharp and see to it not to cut on your own.

2. When tufting:

Do not touch the moving parts when tufting, and make sure that nothing (such as hair) is caught in the moving parts.

Regardless of the tufting gun model you buy, the machine has two "holes" that need to be threaded, one on the top of the machine and the other in front of the needle.

You can string the tufting machine by threading the thread from the top of your head through your eyes and after that through the needle. It is easiest to use some type of threader.

If you have completed the tufting settings, tufting frame, stretched tufted cloth and proper yarn feeding, you can start tufting.

3. Note:

Constantly make use of a tufting machine to use a great deal of stress to the interlining. If regular pressure is not used, the yarn will be pushed towards you instead of being pressed in the direction of you, which will result in irregular pile heights.

Turn the tufting machine in the preferred instructions, maintaining the feet ahead. The foot is the curved metal component near the needle.


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