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How to Use Weed Burner Properly

weed burner

The flame weed control method has been adopted in agricultural production for a long time. The flame weeding method can not only weeding easily, but also sterilize the soil and eliminate the hidden pests in the soil.
Flame weeding is an environmentally friendly and time-saving method of weeding. Nowadays, weed torches begin to appear frequently in garden work. The weed mower has become the gardener's helper.
The propane weeding torch is a tool that uses propane as fuel and uses a concentrated and high-temperature flame to burn weeds.
TTlifemall torch weed killer can help you easily clear the weeds in the garden and reduce your workload.
This guide will help you to become more familiar with weed torch, understand the advantages of weed torch and how we can use weed torch correctly.

propane torch
TTlifemall weed burner

Advantages of propane torch

Effectively remove annual weeds. The principle of flame weeding is to use high temperature (1200 degrees Fahrenheit) to destroy plant cells so that the cells can no longer absorb nutrients and water. Generally speaking, when a plant becomes no longer shiny, it begins to die, and this process may last for several hours.
If you burn the weeds that are exposed on the ground to ashes, the ash can penetrate into the soil and make the land more fertile.
The propane torch takes effect very quickly, and its high efficiency can save you a lot of time and labor.
Easy to operate. This TTlifemall propane torch is small in size and light in weight. The attached hook can hang the propane tank on the waist. You can easily take it to any place you want during operation.

propane torch
Portable weeding flame torch

With the weed burner, home gardeners no longer have to bend down to manually clean up the weeds in the garden. This is very friendly for family employees, especially for older gardening enthusiasts.
Environmental protection. The use of weed agents not only exposes users to poisonous fog, but also leaves harmful substances in the soil. TTlifemall torch weed killers use fossil fuels and do little damage to air and soil.

Things to pay attention to when using a weed mower

Burning perennial weeds repeatedly. The roots of perennial weeds have penetrated into the soil, and after burning them once, the taproots in the ground will sprout again. At this time, you have to burn the perennial weeds again after an interval of 1 to 2 weeks. Treat it many times until the energy of the taproot is exhausted, at which time the weeds will be wiped out.

weed burner
Effectively burn weeds

Do not use weed burner in dry weather. Using flames to weed in dry weather is very dangerous, and the surrounding branches are very easy to be ignited. Once the wind blows, it is easy to cause a situation where the party cannot be evening.
The best time to clean up weeds is to choose a day with low wind after the rain. It can greatly reduce the probability of accidents.
Don't burn poisonous weeds. When using weed burners, pay attention to identifying poisonous weeds, such as oak and sumac. Burning toxic weeds will produce toxic gases, which will have a bad effect on the body after being inhaled by the human body.
In summary, the propane torch on TTLifemall can effectively improve the work efficiency of the home gardener. However, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when using it.
If you are also planning to buy a weed burner for your garden, the TTlifemall mower can be included in your consideration.

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