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Why you should buy a sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blanket

Because of the epidemic, I began to avoid going to the sauna that I used to go to.
I am a non-sports person, I will not spend money on membership of the gym, which is unrealistic to me. It is even more impossible to exercise at home.
For a lazy person like me, sauna seems to be the best way to get rid of sweat.
I noticed the infrared sauna blanket a long time ago, but I never made a decision to buy it. Now there is just an opportunity to bring this novel product home.
Infrared sauna blankets from TTlifemall cost less than US$150. At first I doubted whether it was really easy to use, but after using it, I found that it was a very worthwhile investment.

The benefits of sauna blankets

Effortless Aerobic Exercise

The infrared sauna blanket can expand the capillaries under high temperature conditions, and at the same time exert proper pressure on the heart.
Researchers at Martin Luther University in Germany found that a 25-minute sauna bath is as tiring as moderate-intensity exercise. For those who don't like sports, you can exercise easily without hands.
And after using the infrared heating blanket, a lot of sweat will be removed, which can take away the toxins in your body.
I usually wear loose long sleeves and long pants to enter the sauna blanket (so it is not easy to burn your skin). Then I will adjust the temperature to the temperature that suits me first, and stay in it for 40 minutes.
After coming out of the infrared heating blanket, you will find that your whole body is drenched, and there is also a lot of sweat discharged from the sauna blanket.

Infrared sauna blanket
PVC material inside the sauna blanket

But I have to say that after the sauna, the whole person will feel refreshed, and the body and mood will be much more relaxed.

Beauty and Weight Loss

For women, their appearance is more important. It just so happens that the beauty and weight loss effects of this infrared sauna blanket are also obvious.
Far infrared rays can penetrate 4-5 cm of our skin, increase cell vitality, promote cell metabolism, and can effectively improve skin texture.
The use of sauna slimming blanket can consume subcutaneous fat, which has the effect of bodybuilding and weight loss. In fact, after using the sauna blanket for a week, I found that I lost a pound of weight.

Thoughtful Design

Ordinary sauna blankets are used to wrap the whole body, and other activities cannot be carried out.
However, the infrared sauna blanket of TTlifemall is specially designed with two sleeves, which allows you to use your hands flexibly while in the sauna.

Infrared sauna blanket
Intimate design of sauna blanket

So, I would watch a movie or read some books when I was in the sauna. This is so convenient for me.
If you also like this way of wicking away sweat without exercising, try the infrared sauna blanket from TTlifemall. Good quality and low price, I believe it will not let you down.

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