Skincare Fridge

The Best Small Refrigerator to Meet Various Needs——from Bedroom to Car

In the hot summer, the refrigerator is indispensable.

The refrigerator can provide us with refreshing drinks, iced watermelon, and even provide space for women to keep cosmetics.

Therefore, a portable refrigerator can be placed in our office, bedroom and car to cope with the hot summer.

Below I will share three cost-effective small refrigerators, which have different uses.

Skincare Fridge

This is specially designed for women, used in skin care and cosmetics.

Girls know a lot of cosmetics and skin care products, but some skin care products must be stored in a low temperature environment to have a longer shelf life.

And in summer, if you store cosmetics or skin care products in the beauty fridge, they will be very cool, and it will also relieve the inflammation of the face to a certain extent.

This mini fridge for skincare is specially designed to store cosmetics. The combination of brilliant colors and high-quality piano paint makes the best skin care refrigerator more fashionable and more popular with girls.

This skin fridge has a compact layout and has five large spaces as a whole. It is equipped with detachable drawers and detachable shelves for storing various skin care products and cosmetics.

Portable Car Fridge

This is a professional car refrigerator.

If you want to take a road trip and want to keep the food fresh during the journey.

Then it is very necessary for you to equip your car with such a electric cooler for car.

At the same time, the Portable refrigerator with freezer is also suitable for daily use in the car.

You can put ice cream in the freezer area and drinks in the refrigerated area to enjoy the deliciousness anytime, anywhere.

Portable refrigerator with freezer
Car FridgeA Suitable for Road Trips

So what are the advantages of car refrigerators?

First of all, this camping electric cooler has a capacity of up to 26L and a size of 610mm*320mm*335mm. It is divided into a freezing zone and a refrigeration zone. Each side can be set with a separate temperature.

You can store a lot of drinks, ice cream, fruits and other foods you need at the same time.

Secondly, this portable refrigerator for cars uses an exquisite LED panel and supports touch screen function.

You can switch between energy-saving mode or high-efficiency mode at will.

Finally, when the battery voltage is lower than the minimum operating voltage, the three-level low-voltage protection system of the portable camping refrigerator can prevent the battery from draining and protect the equipment.

car refrigerator
Car Refrigerator

Mini Fridge

This is a mini refrigerator suitable for storing drinks and fruits.

This best mini fridge has a capacity of 8L and a size of 30cm * 26 cm * 20.5cm.

This portable mini refrigerator is suitable for dormitory or office. You can store the drinks or fruits you need every day in it, and you can pick it up at any time when you are resting.

In addition, this compact refrigerator can also be used for short trips, you can easily move it to the car for use.

compact refrigerator
Mini Refrigerator for Car

So what are the advantages of mini refrigerators?

First, this cheapest mini fridge is low-noise, quiet and comfortable, and the noise emitted by the fan is only about 30 decibels when it is running.

This mini fridge does not require refrigerants, is environmentally friendly, and has low energy consumption and no vibration.

Second, the best small mini fridge uses semiconductor technology and have a powerful dual heating and cooling system that can easily switch between heating and cooling.

compact refrigerator
Two Modes of Hot and Cold

A cost-effective small refrigerator is essential in summer. Come and buy your own small refrigerator.

handpan drum

Playing the sound that hits the soul——with Handpan Drum

What is a Handpan Instrument?

The handpan drum is a percussion instrument created in 2000 by two Swiss Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.

The the hang drum is composed of two hemispherical steel molds combined through the process of nitrogen.

It is generally 9-note, mostly in D minor, and is played by striking the drumhead.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

handpan instrument
The handpan drum on TTlifemall

What’s more, by purchasing handpan drum on TTlifemll, you will not only get this magical instrument, but you will also have accessories such as drum stands, drumsticks, drum kits and rags, which will save you a lot of money.

The handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

The handpan instrument looks like a UFO, and its sound is long and ethereal, hitting human souls directly.

The sound of the the hang drum is unforgettable when you strike it casually. Once you hear it, you will fall in love with this wonderful sound.

handpan drum
Enjoy wonderful handpan drum music

How to identify high-quality tambourines?

Three factors are the key to buying hand drums.

1. Tone.

The material of the handpan drum is different, and its tone style is also very different.

Due to the special pronunciation principle, if a hand disc wants to have good sound quality, it needs to be debugged repeatedly.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan instrument, from the selection to the production of the hanging instruments, each step is independently completed by an experienced tuner.

2. Materials.

There are two main types of materials for making handpan instrument:

One kind of material is carbon steel. The hang drum made of this material has a longer sustain, but it is prone to rust and requires effort in maintenance.

Another material is STL. This material is not easy to rust, but the handpan drum made of it has relatively poor sustain.

The hang drum of TTlifemall is made of hand-made nitrogen stainless steel. The sustain of the handpan drum is very good, and it is durable and does not rust.

You only need to use olive oil for maintenance once a week.

Hand drum production process

3. Appearance.

The most intuitive way to test a hang drum is to look at its appearance.

Observe those circular sound areas. If the sound areas are too neat and flat, and the lines are not rounded, the handpan drum is most likely from an industrial assembly line, rather than being built by professionals.

The high-quality handpan drum of TTlifemall is guaranteed to be handmade by professionals, so you will see uneven marks on the surface of the tambourine. Please rest assured, this is normal.

Come on and buy high-quality handpan instrument from TTlifemall!

Build Your Own Garden——With Garden Tools

Many people are gardening enthusiasts, and it is a blessing for them to own a house with a garden.

The spacious yard can be used not only for playing and resting. The most important thing is that we can transform it into what we like.

There should be a small piece of grass in the yard where pets can play. Most of the yard space can be arranged as a garden, planted with green plants and flowers you like.

In addition, you can plant some organic vegetables and experience the joy of being a vegetable farmer.

In order to build ideal yard, you naturally need some helpers——garden tools.


For garden

First, you need a pruner for cutting branches and a knife for weeding. Secondly, spray tools——spray cans are indispensable.

In the end, all kinds of shovels used for turning soil and fertilizing are also important. Of course, it would be best if you had a kit for the garden.

garden tool kit

For Vegetable Field

In order to grow vegetables more easily, in addition to the above garden hand tools, you also need a large shovel and rake.

As a gardening enthusiast, you should not only love your yard deeply, but also attach great importance to your garden tools. How to save them conveniently, I have some tips here:

1. PVC tool rack

Just need some PVC pipes and templates, you can construct a tool rack on your wall to store large garden tools, such as shovel and large tooth rake.

2. Tool mailbox

A tool rack with the same shape as a mailbox can be installed next to garden bushes and can store some small garden tools.

Mail box for tools

3. Old golf cart with trolley

If you have a lot of big tools, you can use such a trolley to load all the tools at once.

Old golf cart with trolley

4. Exclusive tool box

If you use the most everyday are the small garden tools. You can buy garden tools in kits with a gift box of exclusive tools.

Usually, after cleaning the used tools, you put them directly in the tool box, which is very convenient to store and carry.

In addition to the question of how to store the tools, the maintenance of the tools is also very important. To keep your garden tools as clean as new, you can do this:

1. Keep it clean. Arrange the used tools in time, remove dirt and debris, wipe them dry, keep them dry, and avoid rust

2. Protect the cutting edge. Part of the gardening tools with cutting edges should be specially protected.

They should be completely immersed in oil during storage, and it is best to wrap them in wax paper.

Avoid tilting and overlapping tools to prevent bending and deformation under pressure. There should be special tools for sharpening the cutting edge to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life.

3.Keep it properly. At the end of the operation, when it is idle for a long time, you should cleane it, wiped dry, coated with anti-rust oil on the metal surface, and placed in an appropriate place.

It is best to store it in a storage rack designed for different gardening tools or in a dedicated tool box. You can also place it in a ventilated and dry place.

4.Pay attention to rust prevention. The working parts of gardening tools are mostly made of metal materials, and metal materials are easy to rust.

Once rusted, it will affect the use at a slight level, and it may lose the value of use, and it is not easy to remove after rust, so special attention should be paid during use.

You can decide how to store your garden tools according to the tools you have.

If you haven't bought the tools for gardening, I highly recommend that you buy the gardening tool set directly.

It has all the tools you may need, and it also solves the problem of tool storage for you.

tabletop dishwasher

The latest dishwashers under $200 in 2021——Free your hands

After a tiring day at work, we all want to take a good rest when we get home. However, we still need to do the housework at home.

If you can't find someone to replace your housework, I think this countertop dishwasher is the best choice to free your hands.

Our mini dishwasher is small in size, so you can place it in any kitchen. We maximize the usable space. This protable countertop dishwasher has a large capacity and can hold up to 20 pieces of tableware at a time;

Our countertop dishwasher has three modes. Quick cleaning mode saves you more time. Enhanced cleaning mode for deeper cleaning of your kitchenware. This protable dishwasher adopts an S-shaped dart-shaped rotating spray arm with a 360-degree rotating high-pressure spray, leaving no dirt and dead spots.

In particular, our portable dishwasher not only uses environmentally friendly materials, but also does not require detergents. Our countertop dishwasher uses 70 degrees high temperature water for strong cleaning, which is very environmentally friendly;

Our tabletop dishwasher combines high-temperature steam sterilization, washing and drying functions. What's more, the effective fresh air circulation system can ensure your tableware will not leave peculiar smells.

Our tabletop dishwasher have a complete kit with a dishwasher, stainless steel dish rack, water inlet and outlet pipes,. Our table top dishwasher is so cost-effective, hurry up and buy your dishwasher!

cat backpack

Best cat backpack --- Travel with your beloved pets

My cat absolutely love this pet backpack and will sit in it even at home.

cat backpack

Suddenly remembered to visit a friend?

Want to go on a trip that just walks away?

Is there not enough materials available to complete a dinner?

Are you worried that no one will take care of their food and drink, but afraid that they will turn the house into a mess?

Dog amazing action
Cat messing up

Don't worry, with our pet carrier backpack, you can take them out anytime, anywhere. Our bubble backpack allows your pet to see the sun and scenery outside, and your pet will enjoy the outdoor time with you.

cat travel backpack

The transparent design helps to relieve pets’ anxiety. The 180-degree panoramic PVC transparent mask makes pets have a wider field of vision and is safer.

If you are worried that there is not enough space in the cat backpack, please don't worry! This backpack has a back panel so that it can be expanded into a tent bed, thus providing more space for pets.

cat carrier backpack

The cat travel bag is made of high-quality materials. It's durable, breathable and comfortable.

There are 9 ventilation holes on the main body and sides of the backpack, and breathable mesh side doors on both sides, which can ensure the air circulation in the backpack and provide a comfortable experience for your pet.

Use the built-in locking mechanism of Cat backpack safety to prevent pets from jumping out, getting lost or getting injured. The removable soft bottom pad of the pet backpack is easy to clean and more hygienic.

Plus, it comes in a bunch of different colors, if red/pink isn't your thing.

At the end of the day, you will be the person carrying your cat on your back. As such, the pet backpack that you purchase needs to be comfortable for you. Our voyager cat backpack uses ergonomically widened shoulder straps, making it easy for you to carry your pet.

How to Use Our Rug Tufting Machine

1. Preparation measures:

When threading, ensure that the tufting gun is switched off, and it is best to unplug the machine's power plug to avoid accidentally turning on the machine.

When replacing/replacement of any parts, please also unplug the power supply of the tufting machine.

When changing the scissors of the cut pile tufting gun, please do not fail to remember that it is sharp and see to it not to cut on your own.

2. When tufting:

Do not touch the moving parts when tufting, and make sure that nothing (such as hair) is caught in the moving parts.

Regardless of the tufting gun model you buy, the machine has two "holes" that need to be threaded, one on the top of the machine and the other in front of the needle.

You can string the tufting machine by threading the thread from the top of your head through your eyes and after that through the needle. It is easiest to use some type of threader.

If you have completed the tufting settings, tufting frame, stretched tufted cloth and proper yarn feeding, you can start tufting.

3. Note:

Constantly make use of a tufting machine to use a great deal of stress to the interlining. If regular pressure is not used, the yarn will be pushed towards you instead of being pressed in the direction of you, which will result in irregular pile heights.

Turn the tufting machine in the preferred instructions, maintaining the feet ahead. The foot is the curved metal component near the needle.


Production of individual carpets

Design carpet patterns quickly and economically

Testing carpet yarn in a spinning mill

Tuft the pattern into a bath mat

Production of sample collection

Process various residues into carpets


Heal Our Hearts with Musical Instruments

Heal Our Hearts with Musical Instruments

Many of my peers would follow adults to church on weekends, give sermons with everyone, and listen carefully to the speakers sharing their life experiences, as well as the experiences they gained through prayer and facing difficulties in life when I was young.

When the piano accompaniment sounded, the choir members on the stage sang hymns with a natural voice. God’s music surrounds us. As listeners, we temporarily drift into another world by listening to music.

Our body and mind are healed by a wonderful power, thus giving up control of our own will and thoughts, and achieving an unprecedented level of mind and body In a relaxed state, all kinds of good expectations for the futurelife in my heart spontaneously arise. At this moment, the pressure is released, and the negative emotions of the past week have been calmed down.

Not only gospel music can bring healing to people's body and mind, in fact, as long as you listen to music that suits your own rhythm, you can restore the state of physical and mental balance! If this rhythm resonates with the mood, body, and mind at the moment, it can have an impact.

Music, is the rhythm that composers get inspired in their daily lives, just like the wind blowing leaves, the waves beating on the reefs, the birds sing and the insects, and even our own breathing and heartbeat are also a unique rhythm.This also works in our body, our breathing, heartbeat rhythm, these are the unique rhythms of our biological functions.

You don't have to have the same musical talent as Avril Lavigne. You can release your stress by writing lyrics, composing and singing by yourself. You can relax your body and mind by playing with your own instruments.

Choosing a percussion instrument is a good choice. The 8-inch Crystal Bowl can not only be used to beat and make beautiful notes, at the same time, it can also be used as a perfect furniture display with a variety of colors. The 10-inch Crystal Bowl also has the same effect.

If you think the Crystal Bowl has the color of Buddhist utensils or is too bulky, then choose the Handpan Drum or Steel Tongue Drum with a stylish appearance that resembles a UFO spacecraft. Handpan Drum can send out G3, C4, D4, E4 by hitting, F4, G4 six different tones, Steel Tongue Drum can emit more tones, up to 14 kinds! For many people, there may not be so much time to percussion instruments. Here, you can choose a 6-Tone Single-Row Wind Chime and simply enjoy the music performance brought by the wind.

Be A Farmer At Home And Experience The Joy Of Planting

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Be A Farmer At Home And Experience The Joy Of Planting

For many individuals, growing vegetables in idle placesin their backyards not just guarantees makes certain the common food supply, yet additionally enables them to experience the enjoyable of being a farmer. The vegetables expanded on your own are not splashed with any type of insect repellent as well as are permitted to expand openly. You will certainly find that the preference of vegetables grown in this way is far better than comparable veggies offered marketed in grocery stores. Ultimately, do not neglect, this will certainly conserve a great deal of food expenses.

Because the front yard is relatively close to the main street, it is subject to more restrictions, such as complaints from neighbors. Some states in the United States have banned residents from growing vegetables in the front yard.So many residents choose to cultivate vegetables in the backyard.

It is mid-February and the distance is getting closer and closer to spring. At present, the vegetables suitable for planting are cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and various beans. No matter what kind of vegetable is grown, the key to success is nothing more than three points: sunlight, water and soil.Any plant needs photosynthesis for respiration, and the plant needs sufficient light during the growth period to obtain the nutrients needed for growth. If your vegetable field cannot get enough light, you can consider choosing hydroponic planting equipment to grow your vegetables. It can help you grasp the direction of daylight in time, all you need to do is move the shelf to help the vegetables get sunlight.

Different places have different climatic conditions, and the structural composition of the soil is also different, which requires you to pay attention to when watering is the most appropriate. In warm and dry areas, you don’t need to water the vegetables every day. You just need to use a handy water bottle to water every few days. This will ensure that the roots of the plants fully absorb the water and promote their growth.

Choose a land that is 10x10 inches in size that satisfies you. The soil is the key to the growth of vegetables. There is no doubt that the most fertile land is black land, and this kind of land is widely distributed in places such as Ukraine and Russia. If the soil in your yard is not fertile enough, such as the sandy soil with large gaps, you can choose compost to change the soil condition. Sowing some soil amendments can improve the situation. If you are worried about the chemical ingredients in the amendment, you can choose the plant hydroponic growth kit. This four-story soilless cultivation facility can isolate the plants from the soil without being restricted by water and soil conditions and avoid soil pollution. Problem, but also to ensure the sunlight exposure of the plants.

Adult Portable Massage Bathtub, Foldable Children's Bathtub, With Thermostatic Cover-ttlifemall

Ancient Bathing Culture-Russian Sauna From The Middle Ages To The Present

Bathing Culture

Ancient Russian tradition: Russian Bathing Culture From The Middle Ages To The Present

TTlifemall portable sauna can be easily moved, the indoor and outdoor sauna can be used. A Folding bathtub with a thermostatic cover can also achieve the same effect. The roller on the bottom of the portable bathtub can realize the massage function. The plastic material used in the bathtub is safe and tasteless, which ensures the excellent patient heat of the bathtub. Let us learn about the long history of bathing in Russia.
As the old saying goes in Russians: Days in Banya are not old days.Banya is the synonym for Russian sauna. Russians have a soft spot for the sauna. Since the Middle Ages, sauna has become a traditional custom that has swept the country. Now, the Russian bath, Finnish bath, Turkish bath, and Japanese bath are known as the "Four Famous Baths in the World". Russians believe that saunas have special healing properties. In Russian, sweating and health are almost synonymous. The sauna is known as "the chief doctor of the common people", followed by the Russian favorite vodka, and the third is eating raw garlic. On the other hand, the Russians believe that taking a sauna is a double purification of the body and mind, and sauna bathing is an indispensable custom in various major ceremonies. The famous Russian writer Pushkin even praised Banya as the second mother of the Russians in 1832. In the era of Peter the Great, he regarded Banya as a remnant of medieval Russia. He ordered Banya to be banned and encouraged the nobles to build Western-style bathrooms in their palaces and mansions but ultimately failed to reverse the nobles’ obsession with Banya.By the end of the 18th century, almost every palace in St. Petersburg had a Banya bathroom, and the folks were full of various Banya bathrooms. In the Tsar’s era, Banya became an important welcome ceremony. Valuable guests will be able to enjoy Banya baths with the Tsar himself.The principle of Banya bathing is simple. A closed space is continuously heated, and the human skin can stretch pores under this high temperature and high humidity state, accelerate blood circulation, the body will sweat continuously, and the sweat discharges toxins in the body. In the past, Russians needed wooden bathrooms for Banya bathing, but now, we can achieve the same effect at home and enjoy the physical and mental enjoyment from this long-established bathing culture like the nobles in ancient Russia.The far-infrared sauna will bring you unparalleled physical and mental enjoyment, just like Banya used by the ancient Russian nobles. The protanle sauna is full of sense of technology, high heating efficiency, and real-time temperature display.

4-Inch Mini Cordless Electric Chainsaw-ttlifemall

About Power Tools

In today's daily life and daily work, power tools may be the first thing that has an important impact on people's lives and is relatively common. In 1895, overtone produced the world's first DC electric drill. With the advent of the electrification era, people's lives are increasingly inseparable from "electricity". Electric tools also have an increasingly important role in people's lives

Electric tools play their own role in many fields of work today. For users, the emergence of this tool product has greatly improved their work efficiency and reduced their own labor intensity. The increase in work efficiency and the decrease in labor intensity are naturally a great help for modern people.

Electric tools can not only improve work efficiency, but also effectively improve the final work effect. The processing effect provided by tool products is much more accurate than manual manual, so the final work effect is generally more refined than manual manual.

As people's requirements for various products and things increase, more and more production and processing manufacturers have joined the industrialized production industry, and a large number of electric tools are used in the process of production and processing.


About Educational Toys

The Function of Educational Toys

"The first thing a child sees after birth is his mother, and the second thing he sees is a toy."

The educational toys are generally entertaining, logical and educational.

It can stimulate brain activity, develop intelligence, allow children to increase their wisdom during play, and help children grow up healthily.

The parents of the new generation of children are very young. They have high quality and high income.

They also place their hopes on their children and hope that their children can receive a good education. Therefore, the investment in children's education accounts for the majority of family expenditures.

The educational toys play an important role in the development of children's imagination and creativity, helping children to receive education, learn and recognize the outside world as they grow up.

In the process of playing, children's autonomy and sociality are highlighted, and the service function to satisfy children's quality education in the process of playing is provided. Therefore, it is more and more favored by parents.

In the practice of education and teaching, toys, as a tool for children's movement development, cognitive development, learning operation and knowledge accumulation, enable children to acquire knowledge in entertainment, not only students are willing to learn, but also can better stimulate their interest in learning and imagination , And will also play a positive role in the overall development of children, toys are an effective tool for children's education.