CD Player—Open The Door of The Past Memory

Are CD players obsolete?

CDs are not yet obsolete.Any music available to buy is made available on CD or hybrid SACD (very common with classical music labels). And CD Players are not yet obsolete because people have been buying CDs for 35 years. Remember, you can still buy vinyl and new turntables from ultra budget to high end.

What is a good price for a CD player?

CD players are available at all points in the price spectrum, with the most popular coming in between $100 and $1000.

Our TTlifemall will give you a good price: 88.99 at least.

Why not use a knitting machine to make gifts for your lover

What can you knit on a knitting machine?

You can knit long, trendy scarves, woolly hats and even sweaters. Smaller items only take minutes to do. Knitting sweaters and jumpers takes a few hours. You can knit sweaters, wide scarves, Child to Adult Hats, skirts, boleros and many more!

Is a knitting machine worth it?

If you're thinking of starting a knitting business or want to make some money knitting, speed is of the essence. No slipped stitches or crooked cables – Using a knitting machine means your efficiency will improve, along with your accuracy.

How much does a knitting machine cost?

Manual knitting machines are the least expensive and cost between $20 and $100. TTlifemall knitting machines cost the least money: $62.99, which means cheap price but good products.

smart door lock

Create a Smart Life with Smart Door Locks

In the digital age, smart homes have become a new trend. Smart locks provide convenience for more and more families.
Compared with key locks, using smart door locks you will not have the risk of losing your keys, let alone worry about your home lock being picked. Using smart door locks will make your life more comfortable.
Smart door locks are designed to make your home more secure and convenient. As a keyless alternative to traditional door locks, smart door locks are a key part of realizing home security automation.
When I decided to make a smart renovation of my house six months ago, I already used a smart door lock-a high-quality 5 and 1 smart door lock from TTlifemall. Facts have proved that this door lock gives me enough sense of security.
This article will cover everything you want to know about smart door locks.

Stay away from the worries of key discarding

The keyless door lock I bought has five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, IC card, key, and WiFi application.

smart door lock
5 ways to unlock

This digital door lock can be connected to Wi-Fi, and then you can easily control the smart door lock through the application downloaded in your phone.
My favorite way to unlock is to open the door with a numeric keypad and fingerprint. The digital password setting of this keyless door lock is very simple. I will frequently change my door lock code to ensure safety.
In addition, this digital door lock program can store 100 fingerprints, and I entered the fingerprints of our family of three. Whenever you don't want to enter password after going home, fingerprint unlocking is simply too convenient.

Open the door remotely when no one is at home

For those who have jobs, keyless door locks can save a lot of trouble. Even if you and your family are not at home, you can still let a friend or deliveryman enter your home.

keyless door lock
Remote control

Through the mobile application, you can provide access to the people you choose and share digital passwords. In this way, you can also receive the package when you go out.

Esure safety

Compared with traditional door locks, the risk of smart door locks being picked is significantly reduced. You don't have to worry about uninvited guests sneak into your home without your knowledge.
The smart lock is connected to your mobile phone, and the application in the mobile phone can prompt you to lock the door when you go out. This function can store unlocking records locally and delete door card users on the digital door lock APP remotely.

keyless door lock
TTlifemall smart door lock

How to ensure the safety of your smart door lock

Even though there are so many advantages of smart door locks, you can still take some measures to ensure your door locks are safe. You need to update your smart lock password regularly, and only share this password with your family and trusted people.
The longer and more complex the password you set, the more secure it is. The password of TTlifemall smart door lock is up to 12 digits in length, which is not easy to be cracked by hackers.
In general, smart door locks bring convenience and higher security to each family's life. This is indeed a good choice for people who pursue a simple and smart life.

hotpot BBQ grill

How to Prepare Hot Pot and Barbecue at Home

Hot pot is a way of dining that Chinese people love very much. Korean barbecue is one of the famous foods in Korea. What these two foods have in common is that they encourage a family to sit around a table and wait for the food to ripen.
I like this way of dining very much. In my family, we will prepare a sumptuous meal on weekends or holiday evenings. My family and friends will gather together to enjoy food, talk and relax.

family dinner
Family dinner

Hot pot and Korean barbecue are very popular in our house. Hot pot every weekend is my most anticipated meal. However, my brother George is addicted to barbecue.
The content of this guide will cover the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare hot pot and barbecue.

Buy the ingredients you need

One of the reasons I like hot pot is that you can put almost all the ingredients you like into the soup. But at the same time, you can customize it according to the number of people at dinner, and there will be no leftovers.
First you need to prepare the hot pot soup base. The hot pot has spicy seasoning soup and some lighter ones. You can buy seasoning packets at Asian supermarkets and add water or chicken soup.
General hot pot and barbecue ingredients include meat, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms and so on. Wash the vegetables, cut the root vegetables into 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick slices, and separate the leaves of the green leafy vegetables. Then put them neatly on the plate.

Hot pot side dishes
Hot pot side dishes

As for the meat for hot pot, it needs to be cut into very thin slices. You can choose to buy packaged thin meat slices directly at Asian supermarkets, or you can slice them yourself. If you try to slice it yourself, I suggest you freeze the meat for a few hours first to make it easier to slice.
The meat used for grilling does not need to be very thin. Instead, you can cut them into slices 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick like vegetables, but you need to marinate them in advance.

What equipment is needed?

There are many pots dedicated to hot pot and barbecue on the Internet. You can of course buy them separately. Then you need to buy a burner to heat them.
But I found a two-in-one hot pot grill in TTlifemall. This is simply designed for me. We can have hot pot and barbecue at the same time.
This two-in-one pot comes with a heating device, you only need to connect the power supply. Moreover, the hot pot and the barbecue pot have separate temperature adjustment buttons.

Temperature adjustment button
Temperature adjustment button

Even the pot on the hot pot side has a partition, which can provide two flavors of soup base at one time. This hotpot BBQ grill uses a non-stick coating and is very easy to clean.
In addition, you also need to buy a strainer ladles. This way you can easily fish out the cooked food from the hot pot.
Eating hot pot and barbecue requires patience, and it needs to be enjoyed slowly over a longer period of time. Anyone who has tried it will love this kind of food. Maybe this is the time for you to start trying them.

tapestry loom

Your room lacks a beautiful tapestry

Knitting means that people use tools or hands to interlace and connect strips to form strips or block patterns. Tapestry knitting is also called weft knitting, which is also a type of knitting.
Tapestry weaving is the process of weaving patterns on the weft with warp threads (yarn for weaving). Nowadays, knitting enthusiasts are increasing year by year, especially female enthusiasts.

Tapestry weaving
Woven tapestry

Tapestry knitting can not only be used to weave tapestries, but also can be used to weave carpets, etc. It can also satisfy people's pursuit of individuality.
Tapestry weaving is a fun and relaxing process. Whether you are a craftsman or a layman who doesn't know anything about knitting, as long as you start the first step of knitting, you will fall in love with this activity for no reason.
This blog will take you to further understand tapestry weaving.

Start with the tapestry loom

The weaving loom is a useful frame for weaving. Tapestry looms include handheld tapestry looms and vertical tapestry looms.
Hand-held tapestry looms are relatively small, and the size of patterns that can be woven is also limited. This type of loom can often only be used for weaving small pendants.
The vertical tapestry loom has a larger area, and it can support larger weaving projects.

tapestry loom
TTlifemall tapestry loom

TTlifemall's hand weaving loom is made of high-quality beech wood. The hanging wall of the loom is polished smoothly to minimize the wear on the yarn.
This tapestry loom also has three height adjustment functions. You can flexibly choose the height of the loom according to your own pattern size.
The purchase of this tapestry loom will also give away the shuttles, wooden combs, and large hole needles that may be used in the knitting process.

Tapestry loom accessories
Tapestry loom accessories

Choice of knitting yarn

Whether it is linen thread, wool thread or cotton yarn, it can be used for tapestry weaving. You can choose yarns of different textures according to your preferences and budget.
But it should be noted that the yarns you choose should be relatively tight, so as not to be easily worn out.
Of course, if you want to speed up the knitting speed, you can also choose a thicker yarn. This can increase the diversity of weaving works.

Tapestry weaving
Woven tapestry works

The combination of fine yarn and thick yarn will also have unexpected effects.
With tapestry wooden looms and yarns, you can weave beautiful tapestries according to your own patterns and designs!

pulley cable system

The best fitness equipment in 2021——home gym pulley

Free weights occupies an absolute dominance in power-assisted training. However, the American Sports Commission has clearly pointed out that using ropes instead of barbell and dumbbell training will significantly increase strength.
Compared to barbells and dumbbells, home gym pulleys are actually more controllable and useful fitness equipment.

home gym pulleys
Home gym pulley

This guide will introduce you to the three advantages of using fitness pulleys.

Advantage 1: Exercise is safer

In the free weight exercise, if you do not have certain experience. Then you have a great possibility of being injured.
If you make a mistake in estimating what you can bear, then when you lift a barbell or dumbbell and find that it is too heavy, then it is too late to regret it. You will subconsciously use force to fight against gravity, so it is easy to get injured.
But using pulley cable system will not cause such problems at all. Use fitness ropes for training, it will not have such a large gravity. And in the exercise process, the fitness pulley system is always very flexible and will not put too much pressure on the joints.

home gym pulleys
Lifting pulley system

Advantage 2: Maintain continuous tension and exercise more muscle groups

Muscles are constantly in a state of tension during the exercise process is a big standard to measure the effect of exercise.
When doing free weight exercises, you lose muscle tension when you swing down. The exercise effect achieved in this way will be compromised.
But when using lifting pulley system for exercises, stretching or relaxing can keep the muscles in working condition. And in the whole exercise process, the speed is constant, which has a better effect on muscle exercise.

Advantage three: exercise at home

Sometimes when we arrive at the gym, there are already many people waiting there. In order not to waste time, exercise at home is also a good choice.
Moreover, now that the new crown epidemic is serious, it is safer to train at home. Buying a family fitness rope can achieve fitness goals well.

pulley cable system
Fitness pulley system

The TTlifemall fitness pulley system can change the connection method, so you can get multiple sports modes such as pull-down, pull-up, horizontal stretching and so on.
According to different exercise modes, you can target multiple muscle groups such as triceps, biceps, arms, shoulders and back.
High-strength and wear-resistant nylon material, which can withstand up to 220 pounds, suitable for most people who exercise at home.
Buy a fitness pulley to enjoy the many benefits of gym exercise, hurry up and buy it.

electric paint spray gun

Correct use of electric spray gun

Electric paint spray gun is an electric tool that can spray various low-viscosity liquids into mist. It is widely used in furniture, decks, terraces, fences, cabinets, walls, etc.
Compared with traditional manual painting, electric painting can greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, you can also adjust the output of the paint by adjusting the button on the sprayer to accurately spray the object.
If you also like to DIY various projects by yourself, buying an electric paint sprayer must be a good investment.
So far, I have used an electric gun to finish the exterior wall spraying of the house and the painting renovation of the furniture.

electric paint spray gun
TTlifemall electric paint sprayer

It is undeniable that since I purchased the TTlifemall electric paint sprayer, my spraying job has gone a lot smoother.
I am also very happy to share with you how to use such a useful electric spray gun.

Correct Use

1. Shake the paint well before pouring the paint into the paint cup of the spray gun, so that the sprayed paint will be more even.

2. Do not spray directly on the wall after the paint is ready. You'd better find a piece of waste fabric or wood to test whether the paint sprayer works normally.

3. During the formal spraying, the distance between the electric paint gun and the surface of the sprayed object should be kept constant, and the distance should preferably be between 12 and 20 cm.

paint sprayer
Keep a proper distance when spraying

4. Each time the electric paint spray gun sweeps the traces should overlap with the last spray by one third. The moving speed of the spray gun is not easy to be too fast or too slow, and it keeps moving at a constant speed.

5. Bring safety protective gear. Improper operation during paint spraying may cause eye damage. So you need to wear goggles when using an electric paint sprayer. In order to prevent excessive inhalation of harmful gases in the paint, wearing a mask can also ensure safety.

Correct Maintenance Method

  1. After each use of the electric paint spray gun, the cylinder and piston rod should be cleaned in time. This prevents the piston rod from sticking in the spray gun. The paint sprayer I bought has a simple structure, all parts can be easily disassembled, and the cleaning is very easy.
paint sprayer
Easy to clean
  1. After the cleaned paint sprayer is dried, you need to drop a few drops of engine oil on the piston to achieve the purpose of lubricating the internal parts. In this way, the next time the electric spray gun is used can it still be smooth, and the service life of the spray gun can be longer.

Whether you are doing house painting or woodworking DIY projects, this electric spray gun will be your good helper.

Infrared sauna blanket

Why you should buy a sauna blanket

Because of the epidemic, I began to avoid going to the sauna that I used to go to.
I am a non-sports person, I will not spend money on membership of the gym, which is unrealistic to me. It is even more impossible to exercise at home.
For a lazy person like me, sauna seems to be the best way to get rid of sweat.
I noticed the infrared sauna blanket a long time ago, but I never made a decision to buy it. Now there is just an opportunity to bring this novel product home.
Infrared sauna blankets from TTlifemall cost less than US$150. At first I doubted whether it was really easy to use, but after using it, I found that it was a very worthwhile investment.

The benefits of sauna blankets

Effortless Aerobic Exercise

The infrared sauna blanket can expand the capillaries under high temperature conditions, and at the same time exert proper pressure on the heart.
Researchers at Martin Luther University in Germany found that a 25-minute sauna bath is as tiring as moderate-intensity exercise. For those who don't like sports, you can exercise easily without hands.
And after using the infrared heating blanket, a lot of sweat will be removed, which can take away the toxins in your body.
I usually wear loose long sleeves and long pants to enter the sauna blanket (so it is not easy to burn your skin). Then I will adjust the temperature to the temperature that suits me first, and stay in it for 40 minutes.
After coming out of the infrared heating blanket, you will find that your whole body is drenched, and there is also a lot of sweat discharged from the sauna blanket.

Infrared sauna blanket
PVC material inside the sauna blanket

But I have to say that after the sauna, the whole person will feel refreshed, and the body and mood will be much more relaxed.

Beauty and Weight Loss

For women, their appearance is more important. It just so happens that the beauty and weight loss effects of this infrared sauna blanket are also obvious.
Far infrared rays can penetrate 4-5 cm of our skin, increase cell vitality, promote cell metabolism, and can effectively improve skin texture.
The use of sauna slimming blanket can consume subcutaneous fat, which has the effect of bodybuilding and weight loss. In fact, after using the sauna blanket for a week, I found that I lost a pound of weight.

Thoughtful Design

Ordinary sauna blankets are used to wrap the whole body, and other activities cannot be carried out.
However, the infrared sauna blanket of TTlifemall is specially designed with two sleeves, which allows you to use your hands flexibly while in the sauna.

Infrared sauna blanket
Intimate design of sauna blanket

So, I would watch a movie or read some books when I was in the sauna. This is so convenient for me.
If you also like this way of wicking away sweat without exercising, try the infrared sauna blanket from TTlifemall. Good quality and low price, I believe it will not let you down.

student microscope

Back to School with a New Gift——Student Microscope

August began, and it was almost time for the students to return to school. The three-month holiday may have made children forget what they are going to school.

But it's okay, you can help your child get back to learning as soon as possible. That is to prepare a student microscope for your child as a gift back to school.

student microscope
Student microscope

The vast universe and the wonderful micro world are the polarities of our perception. And children's exploration of the microcosm starts with a microscope.

The microscope creates a special and novel world for children. It can fully satisfy children's curiosity about the "invisible" world.

Preparing a student microscope for your child can effectively stimulate his imagination and guide him to sort out the correct scientific view.

Children will also show a wide range of interest in science in future school studies.

So which microscope should you choose for your child?

TTlifemall’s student microscope is very suitable as a gift for children to start school.


As far as the durability of a microscope is concerned, only high-quality materials and strong structure can be called a good microscope.

TTlifemall optical microscope uses high-quality, environmentally friendly ABS material. It is not only durable, but also environmentally friendly and healthy.

student microscope
Student microscope frame

Magnification factor

This children's microscope is equipped with three objective lenses, 40X, 10X and 4X. This monocular microscope offers 10 magnification settings, ranging from 40X to 2000X.


Most of the current microscopes no longer have a microscope, and they all come with a built-in light source. Microscope lighting systems currently on the market include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, tungsten lamps and LEDs.

For non-experimental student microscopes, it is the best choice to use low-power LED lighting.

TTlifemall kids microscope is equipped with LEDs for illumination at the bottom and near the objective lens, which meets the needs of use.

student microscope
LED light for TTlifemall microscope


The general market price of a microscope with such a high magnification is more than US$100. The price of this high-magnification microscope from TTlifemall is not only under one hundred yuan, but also offers discounts when you buy it now.

Don't let your hesitation, let the world lack a successful biologist!

Aerial Yoga Swing

The magic of women's body sculpting--Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial yoga is a new type of yoga that connects with the completion of various yoga movements with the help of a silk hammock hung from the roof.
The force principle comes from the combination of gravity, centripetal force and anti-gravity.
Aerial yoga is a special way of yoga. Long-term exercise can achieve a certain weight loss effect. Of course, I think the biggest advantage of aerial yoga is that it can perfectly shape the body and temperament of the exerciser.
Next, let me count the advantages of aerial yoga.

Exercise core muscle groups

For aerial yoga exercises, in addition to basic stretching, other yoga movements require a good balance.
If you want to keep hanging on the Aerial Yoga Hammock continuously, you need to activate the deep muscles of the human body to maintain stability.

Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial yoga moves

Therefore, through aerial yoga, arms, auxiliary breasts, buttocks and thighs will be significantly exercised.
Perseverance for a long time can shape your body well and enhance your temperament.

Relieve stress and relax

The stretching and hanging movements of aerial yoga allow you to use your own gravity to relieve the pressure on your spine.
It will release the stress and discomfort of one day. In addition, the Aerial Yoga Swing is also very suitable for meditation to relax one's mood.

Promote blood circulation

Using a hammock to stand upside down in the air can speed up blood circulation, especially for people with insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Aerial Yoga Hammock
Inverted yoga pose

For students and office workers, the level of daily brain use is very high. Practicing aerial yoga can make your brain more awake and your thinking more agile.

Of course, you must pay attention to the correct method when contacting aerial yoga.

On the one hand, you need to prepare a high-quality yoga hammock.
TTlifemall aerial yoga hammock is made of nylon and adopts a plain weavemethod of interlacing warp and weft. It has a silky appearance and good abrasion resistance.

Aerial Yoga Swing
TTlifemall yoga hammock

On the other hand, it is best to have a certain yoga foundation before practicing aerial yoga. You can also start your practice on the basis of a certain knowledge of aerial yoga.
The above are some of the advantages of aerial yoga. If you are also fond of aerial yoga, you can try to experience it. Believe me it will bring you surprises and fun.

Sewer Jetter Kit

2021 Best Sewer Jetter Kit

A clogged drain is the most devastating thing in life. Small objects such as hair, sawdust, and food residues are easily washed away by the water, clogging the pipes over time.
We cannot prevent this from happening. I have also tried many ways to clean up blocked pipes, such as using chemicals, augers, etc. However, the final effect is not particularly good.
The easiest way is to use a sewer ejector, which is simple to operate and has a small cost.
I will introduce to you in this guide the Sewer Jetter Kit that I think is the most cost-effective.

What is a Sewer ejector?

Working Principle
The principle of the sewer ejector is that water passes through a pressure pump to form a high pressure, and then it is sprayed from the nozzle of the hose.
It uses the high pressure of water to decompose the debris in the pipeline and flows out of the sewer pipeline with the water flow.
Nozzle type
The open nozzle has multiple front and rear openings. You can use the opening at the front to clean up blockages, and the opening at the back is responsible for cleaning the treated pipes.
The closed nozzle and the open nozzle have the same shape. The difference between the two is that the closed nozzle does not have an opening at the front end. Therefore, this type of nozzle is only suitable for cleaning pipes that are not blocked by debris.
The shape of the blast nozzle is a flat rectangle, which is more suitable for cleaning pipelines blocked by sediment.

Sewer Jetter Kit
The rotating nozzle

The rotating nozzle also has front and rear openings. In particular, all the openings are located in the rotating part of the nozzle, which can spray water in all directions.

TTlifemall best Sewer Jetter Kit

TTlifemall's sewer spraying kit uses a rotating nozzle. It can easily clean up the debris in the pipe and flush the side wall of the pipe.
The inner layer of the hose in the sewer spray kit uses thermoplastic polyester. It is strong and can easily extend into the depth of the drainage pipe.
The reinforcement layer is a 1/4" high-strength polyester fiber braided layer. It can effectively prevent the explosion of the water pipe.

Sewer Jetter Kit
TTlifemall sewer jetter kit

In addition, you can use TTlifemall sewer pressure washer not only for kitchen sewers, but also for bathroom sewers and outdoor drainage pipes. One thing is multi-purpose, and the price is very high.
TTlifemall Sewer Jetter Kit is a must-have cleaning product for the family, don't hesitate, buy it now.

Coffee roaster

How to become a "coffee baker"

As a coffee lover, nothing is more pleasant than getting up in the morning and enjoying a cup of pure coffee.
At first I thought that roasting coffee by myself was not a simple matter. Even if I need a cup of coffee every day, I still don't have the will to learn to roast coffee.
Until one day, a friend who also loves coffee recommended me a coffee roaster. He told me that making coffee is not difficult, and then I started my coffee roasting journey with the attitude of giving it a try.
Although I am not a professional coffee roaster yet, I have fallen in love with doing this.
Some friends may give up doing this because of trouble, but I can tell you clearly that it is not difficult to roast your own coffee. Becoming a coffee roaster is also very simple.
The following content will introduce how to become a qualified "coffee baker".

How to choose coffee beans

Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee beans are mainly divided into the following four types:
Arabica coffee beans are mainly grown in high-altitude areas in Brazil. This type of coffee beans has low acidity and higher sweetness. It is not suitable for making cold drinks or mixing with milk. It is ideal for making pure coffee.
Robusta coffee beans have a high caffeine content and are also the world's second-most produced coffee beans. This type of coffee beans is suitable for mixing some cream and sugar.
Liberian coffee beans are relatively rare compared to the first two types of coffee beans. Because of its harsh planting conditions, the annual output is very small. This type of coffee has some fruity aromas.
The output of Excelsa is also very small. The acidity and fruit aroma of this type of coffee beans are more obvious.

Which type of coffee machine should we buy

I think I would like you to recommend the coffee roasting machine that my friend introduced to you at the beginning of the article——TTlifemall Coffee Roaster Machine. Practice has proved that it is really easy to use.

Coffee roaster
TTlifemall coffee roaster

This coffee bean roaster uses honeycomb heating technology to heat the coffee beans evenly. At the same time, the temperature setting range of this home coffee roaster is 100~240 degrees Celsius, which can satisfy both light roasting and deep roasting.
What I am most satisfied with is the rotating arm at the bottom of the electric bean roaster. It can flip the coffee beans evenly and doesn't make me spend too much energy.
This Home Coffee Roaster heats 800g of coffee beans at the same time, so I can roast more reserved coffee beans at one time.
As for the length of the baking time, usually 8~12 minutes is enough. If the number of coffee beans is large, you can extend the roasting time appropriately.

How to store coffee beans

After the coffee beans are roasted, they should be allowed to cool immediately while removing the dry husks of the coffee beans.
Freshly roasted coffee beans are not easy to use right away. They should be placed in a storage bag and wait for 3 to 10 days to let the gas in the body release.
The key to storing roasted coffee beans is: let it work with high temperature, oxygen, sunlight and moisture.
Therefore, you'd better put the roasted coffee beans in a closed container and put them in a cool, dry and dark place.

Store coffee beans
Store coffee beans in closed containers

Some people may think that the refrigerator is the best place to store coffee beans. Actually not. Although the temperature of the refrigerator is low, there are too many things in the refrigerator, and the coffee may be mixed with other flavors.
Moreover, the humidity in the refrigerator is high, and coffee is very susceptible to moisture. Therefore, the refrigerator is not the best choice for storing coffee beans.
Knowing the above information about coffee roasting, I believe you can also become a coffee roaster.

electric pottery wheel

Making ceramics for beginners: the materials and tools you need

The pottery is made by hand using clay and then made through a special firing process. Pottery has a long history and has become an indispensable part of fine arts. Making pottery is a fun and healing process.


Trying pottery making will allow you to see how the soil becomes porcelain step by step. As a beginner, you should try to learn bravely.

Our guide will tell you which pottery materials and equipment a beginner should have.


Clay is a soil with low sand content and high viscosity. According to the different oxygen content, the color can be divided into white, gray, orange, embroidered color, red, etc.

Clay is mainly divided into three different types:

  • Stoneware
  • Clay
  • Porcelain Clay

We recommend that beginners buy stone clay. Stone clay not only has a variety of colors to choose from (white to dark brown). Moreover, the fired stone clay has no gaps, no glaze is needed, and it can be used directly for water.

Pottery clay is also widely used, and it is generally thicker than stoneware. If you want the pottery made of clay to hold water, you need an extra glazing process.

Porcelain clay is the most difficult for beginners to master. To make ceramics from china clay, the step of mixing water is very important. Adding too much water is difficult to shape, and too little water is easy to collapse. This is not the best choice for beginners.

Basic Tool

Making pottery is a complex and delicate work, requiring a lot of small tools. The tools we recommend here include:

Towel and apron

  • Sponge
  • Ribs and spatula
  • Brush
  • Dressing knife
  • Pottery needle
  • Metal wire
  • Throwing stick
  • Wooden ribs
  • Wooden modeling tools

Pottery Wheel

The pottery wheel is an indispensable tool in the process of making pottery. If you are making cups, plates, jars and other items, we highly recommend that you buy a pottery wheel. This will make your job easier.

Pottery wheels are divided into manual and electric. For beginners, electric pottery wheels do not need the coordination required for kicking theory, so we recommend that beginners buy electric pottery wheels.

electric pottery wheel
TTlifemall electric pottery wheel

The electric pottery wheel of TTlifemall costs less than US$200, which is very suitable for beginners to make pottery at home.

The TTlifemall’s professional ceramic wheel machine has a compact structure, a good floor space, and a mud-retaining function.

In addition, the purchase of this pottery wheel also comes with a set of shaping tools, which can save you a lot of money.


After the clay is finished, it must be fired, otherwise it will be very fragile. Only a professional kiln can reach the temperature required to make pottery, and the temperature of an oven in a general household is far from enough.

But the actual situation is that the kiln is not cheap, and it is not cost-effective to buy it separately.

Although there are small kilns for several hundred dollars to choose from, your consideration is clear whether you want to own it for a long time.

If not, you don't want to spend too much money on this, you still have many ways to complete the pottery firing.

If there are studios around you that are teaching pottery classes, that's right, you can ask them to make pottery for you. In addition, if there is a local supplier that provides pottery firing services, I think you can also find help.

Pottery Turntable Clamp

For beginners, making mistakes is common. It takes practice again and again to make perfect pottery. Those imperfect finished products can also be used after repair.

adjustable pottery repair tool
TTlifemall Pottery turntable clamp

TTlifemall's adjustable pottery repair tool can easily help you find the center of the pottery. At the same time, this pottery turntable clamp can also be used on the pottery wheel to simplify the repair work.

The pottery turntable holder and TTlifemall electric pottery wheel make your pottery making easier and simpler. Hurry up and start your pottery making journey.

LED whip

Why do you need a whip light for your Off-Roader

Whip light is a kind of car beauty equipment used to dress off-road vehicles. But the reality is that LED whip lights can not only make your off-road vehicle look cooler, but also improve the safety of driving on the highway.

This guide aims to analyze for readers what are the benefits of whip lights and whether it is legal to use whip lights.

What's the use of whip lights?

1. Make your car look cooler with whip light

The biggest feature of the led whip is its brilliant color. Many car owners are attracted by the beautiful appearance of the whip lights.

TTlifemall’s LED whip lights have 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels and 10 flash modes. You can customize the color combination of the whip light according to your own preferences and style.

whip light
Whip lights with multiple color combinations

If you no longer like the original color setting, you can replace it at any time.

In addition, all whip lights of TTlifemall are also equipped with a remote control. One-to-one remote control makes it easier to switch the whip light mode.

The brilliant colors of the whip lights make your car no longer monotonous, and even make your off-roader a unique existence instantly.

2. Whip light can ensure safety during driving

Whip lights can not only make your off-road vehicle look cooler, but also improve your off-road safety.

Whenever you are driving on sand dunes, the excessively fast speed will bring up a lot of dust. It will reduce the visibility of local areas.

This makes it difficult for other vehicles to see the road conditions, and vehicles are very prone to collisions.

However, using our super bright utv whip light can effectively solve this problem. TTlifemall's whip lights can see good lighting effects even in the worst conditions.

Installing whip lights on your car can make your off-road vehicle become very dazzling at night or in a sandy environment with low visibility. Thereby improving the safety of your off-road driving.

Our whip light is equipped with an upgraded version of the spring base. It can better cushion the pressure and prevent the bottom from breaking.

In addition, our ground whip light also has IP67 waterproof, sand-proof and shock-proof functions, you can use it in any weather conditions.

whip light
High-quailty LED whip

Is it legal to use a LED whip light?

The regulations on the use of LED whip lights in various states in the United States are not consistent.

Under normal circumstances, you may not be fined for using the super bright utv whip lights, but you may be stopped by the police because of the color of the whip light.

Therefore, when using LED whip, be very careful to use the colors of warning lights often used by police departments, including white, amber, blue, green, red, and combinations of these colors.

In addition, because red and blue are easier to see at night and in low visibility conditions, red and blue warning lights are reserved for emergency vehicles.

No matter which state you are in, you should use these two colors with care.

Don't hesitate, come to TTlifemall to buy a cool whip light for your off-road vehicle!

best rv lock

Solve Your Doubts about RV Locks

Like to travel around, but worried that the safety of your belongings cannot be guaranteed?

Specially equipped with a door lock for the RV, but always accidentally lose the key?

Most people who like to travel outdoors own an RV. However, theft during travel is often beyond our expectations. Therefore, it is the best choice to equip your RV with a reliable door lock.

In this article, we will solve most of your confusion about RV locks. Help you choose the best lock for your RV.

Are RV door locks universal?

Many people will see a phenomenon when buying a motorhome: when you buy a car, the salesperson uses the same key to open almost all vehicles of the agreed type. This is to facilitate the sales staff to better show the RV to the customers, not to spend time on finding the keys.

You may be wondering: So the RV we buy is the same key as others? The answer is yes. As such, the risk of your RV being stolen is high. So in order to prevent the theft of the RV, you need to change your RV door lock in time. This is also the choice of most people after buying an RV.

keyless rv door lock
TTlifemall keyless RV door lock

Replacing a good RV lock can solve most of your security problems. The TTlifemall keyless RV door lock is made of high-quality materials and has passed the tensile test, which is strong and anti-collision. In addition, the TTlifemall high-security caravan door lock has three unlocking methods: password, remote control and key unlocking. It can even be unlocked remotely within a distance of 20 meters.

How to change the RV door lock?

First you remove the old door lock. It is not difficult to remove the door lock, you need to unscrew the screws that fix the outer contour first. Then remove the remaining nuts. After removing all the hardware in the RV door lock position, there will be a hole for installing a new lock.

Install a new door lock. First put the side with the keyboard in front of the door. Then straighten out the wires at the back and link them to the front panel. Align the four screw holes on the back panel with the front panel, tighten the screws to install the new door lock. If it is the first time to install the door lock, it is recommended that you do not tighten the screws first, and then tighten the four screws after the test door lock operates normally.

best rv lock
Easy installation

The installation process of TTlifemall's keyless RV door lock only takes 10 minutes. After installation, you can easily set your own password.

How to code the RV door lock?

Generally, a user manual will be given when buying a RV lock, here is the general situation, to demonstrate to everyone

1. While holding down the "8" button, press and release the "lock" button. At this time you will hear a long beeping sound.

2. Enter the existing code (for example, the default code 1234) into the keyboard, and then press the lock key, and it is now in programming mode.

3. Enter the pre-determined new code, and then press the lock key.

4. Enter the new code again and press the lock key to confirm the code. At this time, the keyboard emits a continuous beep to indicate that the encoding is complete.

In addition, TTlifemall best RV lock reset password is very simple. If you forget the password, please use a sharp tool to press and hold the password reset button (on the back of the lock) for 5-10 seconds. After hearing the sound, the factory password will be restored to 1234, and then you can reset it as you set a new password.

best rv lock
TTlifemall best RV lock

How to mute the RV lock?

Because of the initial setting of the RV door lock, when you lock and open the door lock, the RV door lock will emit a beep. Sometimes a buzzing alarm will sound when the RV lock is too low, and a lot of people will get bored if the frequency is higher.

The sound of turning off the RV door lock is also very simple. You only need to hold down the 1 button for 3~5 seconds to solve this annoying problem.

In the same way, if you want to turn on the alert tone again, just do the same operation.

Hope the above shared content can be helpful to you. To buy a RV lock, you can go to TTlifemall to buy a high-quality smart keyless RV door lock.

weed burner

How to Use Weed Burner Properly

The flame weed control method has been adopted in agricultural production for a long time. The flame weeding method can not only weeding easily, but also sterilize the soil and eliminate the hidden pests in the soil.
Flame weeding is an environmentally friendly and time-saving method of weeding. Nowadays, weed torches begin to appear frequently in garden work. The weed mower has become the gardener's helper.
The propane weeding torch is a tool that uses propane as fuel and uses a concentrated and high-temperature flame to burn weeds.
TTlifemall torch weed killer can help you easily clear the weeds in the garden and reduce your workload.
This guide will help you to become more familiar with weed torch, understand the advantages of weed torch and how we can use weed torch correctly.

propane torch
TTlifemall weed burner

Advantages of propane torch

Effectively remove annual weeds. The principle of flame weeding is to use high temperature (1200 degrees Fahrenheit) to destroy plant cells so that the cells can no longer absorb nutrients and water. Generally speaking, when a plant becomes no longer shiny, it begins to die, and this process may last for several hours.
If you burn the weeds that are exposed on the ground to ashes, the ash can penetrate into the soil and make the land more fertile.
The propane torch takes effect very quickly, and its high efficiency can save you a lot of time and labor.
Easy to operate. This TTlifemall propane torch is small in size and light in weight. The attached hook can hang the propane tank on the waist. You can easily take it to any place you want during operation.

propane torch
Portable weeding flame torch

With the weed burner, home gardeners no longer have to bend down to manually clean up the weeds in the garden. This is very friendly for family employees, especially for older gardening enthusiasts.
Environmental protection. The use of weed agents not only exposes users to poisonous fog, but also leaves harmful substances in the soil. TTlifemall torch weed killers use fossil fuels and do little damage to air and soil.

Things to pay attention to when using a weed mower

Burning perennial weeds repeatedly. The roots of perennial weeds have penetrated into the soil, and after burning them once, the taproots in the ground will sprout again. At this time, you have to burn the perennial weeds again after an interval of 1 to 2 weeks. Treat it many times until the energy of the taproot is exhausted, at which time the weeds will be wiped out.

weed burner
Effectively burn weeds

Do not use weed burner in dry weather. Using flames to weed in dry weather is very dangerous, and the surrounding branches are very easy to be ignited. Once the wind blows, it is easy to cause a situation where the party cannot be evening.
The best time to clean up weeds is to choose a day with low wind after the rain. It can greatly reduce the probability of accidents.
Don't burn poisonous weeds. When using weed burners, pay attention to identifying poisonous weeds, such as oak and sumac. Burning toxic weeds will produce toxic gases, which will have a bad effect on the body after being inhaled by the human body.
In summary, the propane torch on TTLifemall can effectively improve the work efficiency of the home gardener. However, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when using it.
If you are also planning to buy a weed burner for your garden, the TTlifemall mower can be included in your consideration.

wicker picnic basket

Different Uses of Wicker Picnic Baskets

Picnic baskets on the market are of various materials and styles, such as cloth picnic baskets, plastic picnic baskets, wooden picnic baskets, round picnic baskets, square picnic baskets and so on.

However, my favorite is the stylish and retro wicker picnic basket. It always reminds me of the people who became keen on road trips in the 1950s and 1960s.

I bought a willow picnic basket for the first time a year ago, and I fell in love with it when I got the basket. So far, I have three wicker picnic baskets in my home. My favorite is the dark brown wicker picnic basket purchased from TTlifemall two month ago.

willow picnic basket
Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket

You may be wondering if I buy so many picnic baskets to store space in the storage room? I want to say that is not the case. I think you will be curious about what I did with these baskets.

Use 1: An eye-catching picnic tool

The biggest function of the unique picnic basket is of course to be used during outdoor picnics. From spring to autumn, we always like to spend some time in the suburbs or parks when the weather is good, and take care of our own lunch or dinner by the way.

It is no exaggeration to say that the retro wicker-style picnic basket I bring on every outing always attracts the admiring eyes of people next to me.

It is worth mentioning that the TTlifemall picnic basket I recently purchased is very satisfied with me.

Not only is it very large, it can be used to store picnic food for our family of four, and four sets of picnic tableware are also presented, which is very cost-effective.

wicker picnic basket
TTlifemall Picnic Basket

What I am most satisfied with is that the materials used in it are both waterproof and heat-preserving. Even if your food accidentally soils the picnic basket, you can easily clean it up.

My child and I took this TTlifemall wicker picnic basket for a picnic in the park last week. It gave me and my child a pleasant afternoon.

willow picnic basket
Picnic Time with Family

In addition, I would like to recommend a drink very suitable for summer: strawberry sangria.

The production process is very simple, you only need to mix the fruit (strawberry, orange or lemon) and sugar in a cup, then mash the fruit and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Then add wine and liqueur, refrigerate for 2 hours and you can get this great summer drink.

Use 2: Practical storage box

We don't have time to go out for a picnic every day. Picnic baskets are naturally forgotten in the storage room at certain times. I think this is the practice of most families.

I have always believed that each item can play a unique role in different time periods and on different occasions. We left them idle because we haven't figured out how to use them. As long as you are willing to think, you will find that each item has multiple uses.

Take the willow picnic basket as an example. The most original purpose of a picnic basket is to hold things, because its volume is large enough. Therefore, it is a great storage box that can store a lot of things.

You can use it as a snack box to store canned food, biscuits and other small snacks. You will find this very useful.

You can also put willow picnic basket in the hallway as a storage box for sundries, which can be used to put keys, dog leashes and other things that you want to get when you go out. I put the smaller picnic basket in the hallway.

wicker picnic basket
Picnic Basket Storage Box in The Hallway

Use three: unique decorations

The wicker picnic basket is a very period item. In my opinion, just let it stand still, it can also be regarded as a work of art.

The TTlifemall wicker picnic basket is a work of art. When not using it, I will put it on the bookshelf in the study room.

I took out all the utensils in it and put some of the books on the shelf in the unique picnic basket. Then open the picnic basket and place it on the shelf. I have to say that this looks very harmonious.

The book and the picnic basket seem to be one, they are both the embodiment of art.

Of course, you can place the picnic basket wherever you see fit according to your own taste and hobbies. The living room, desk, etc. can all be decorated with picnic baskets as long as you like.

If you have also discovered the uniqueness of a wicker picnic basket, you also want to own it. I highly recommend that you buy a picnic basket from TTlifemall, it is a combination of practicality and art.

dog ramp

Best Dog Ramps for Dogs

Dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind, and they regard their masters as all of them. They want to stick to the owner, kitchen, sofa, bed, etc., wherever the owner is.

However, for small dogs or elderly dogs, it is difficult for them to climb on high places like sofas and beds without the help of the owner.

So most families will consider buying a dog stair or dog ramp to help them get on and off the sofa . This is not only convenient for them to play, but also for the safety of the dog.

Generally speaking, the dog stair and pet ramp have the same function, and can be used as a tool for the dog to get on and off the sofa. But are they really suitable for all dogs? But in fact, it's not. From the perspective of safety and practicality, I suggest you give priority to the paw ramp of TTlifemall.

paw ramp
dog ramp

The following information is what you need to pay attention to when buying dog stairs or dog ramps:

Dog's Physical Health

Not all dogs can climb stairs, so dogs will go up and down the stairs on their own, which is a very labor-saving task for the owner.

The height of stairs suitable for dogs is half or even lower than the normal height of human stairs, so climbing stairs is very harmful to dogs. Especially for small dogs, climbing stairs can hurt the dog’s spine.

It is not easy to see the problem of joint damage in young dogs, but long-term wear and tear may cause lumbar spine or limb joint injuries when the dog is 4 years old. Between the ages of six and eight, it is even prone to functional obstacles.

What’s more, for dogs that are elderly or have injured joints, they do not have enough physical strength to climb stairs.

Therefore, buying TTlifemall dog ramps instead of dog stairs is an intimate consideration for dogs who are old or have joint injuries, and can effectively prevent healthy dogs from having joint problems in the future.

paw ramp
TTlifemall dog ramps

Ramp Height

Most dog stairs on the market are of fixed height, so they may not match your sofa or bed.

But the TTlifemall paw ramp has four heights, 30-40 cm and 50-60 cm. You can freely adjust the ramp according to the height of the sofa or bed. You can also adjust the slope of the ramp according to the slope your dog likes.

dog ramp
adjustable pet ramp

Traction on The Ramp Surface

The surface of the ramp should be non-slip so that the dog can grab it when walking on it.

The surface of the TTlifemall's gentle rise dog ramp is covered with a non-slip mat made of polypropylene fiber, which can effectively prevent pets from accidentally falling when they climb up. There is a high level of security.

paw ramp
surface using polypropylene fiber material

If your dog is very active and likes to run around at home, I think you should buy this TTlifemall pet ramp for your cute dog.

This can not only provide a better playing environment for them, but also prevent the pet's joints from being injured, which may save a lot of operation costs. What are you still hesitating, buy it now!

heldhold chainsaw

How to choose the right chainsaw for your yard

If you have a house with a courtyard, then you need to consider organizing your yard regularly. Owning a TTlifemall mini chainsaw can save you a lot of time and energy. It can be used for pruning branches or cutting down trees. Such a convenient logging tool is worth paying for it.

How to choose the right chainsaw that suits you? You can start from the following aspects:

Cordless or Corded

The biggest difference between cordless and corded chainsaw is whether to use an extension cord when working.

As the name suggests, when using a wire saw, you need to use a wire to connect to a power source to supply power at all times. Therefore, its range of activities is limited, and it cannot be too far away from the power source.

The TTlifemall cordless chainsaw uses battery power, you only need to fully charge the battery, and the battery power chainsaw can last for a long time.

There is no restriction on the wire, and the range of movement of the cordless chainsaw is not restricted.

In addition, the battery power chainsaw does not need to be like a gas chainsaw, because the fuel is exhausted, and it pauses to replenish fuel in the middle.

Shape and Volume

The gas chainsaw is very large and heavy, so it is easy to feel tired when holding it for a long time.

The TTlifemall heldhold chainsaw is compact because of the small number of engines and is very light. The one-handed grip design makes the electric saw very comfortable to use, and will not tire your hands after long-term use.

mini chainsaw
Mini chainsaw that can be held in one hand

Scenes to Be Used

The gas chainsaw has a large engine and sufficient power. It is an ideal choice for heavy work and is suitable for use on farms and pastures.

The TTlifemall electric chainsaw is relatively small due to its compact engine, and is suitable for pruning trees, branches, and cutting small logs. For small corners that cannot be touched by large gas chainsaws, the best battery chainsaw can easily clean up the debris, so it is very suitable for handling all corners of the home garden.

heldhold chainsaw
Handheld chainsaw for cutting small wood

Noise and Smell

When using a gas chainsaw, there will be noise that is hard to ignore, and the mixed oil and natural gas fuel will give off an unpleasant smell when the chainsaw is running. Therefore, this type of chainsaw is suitable for use in open areas with few people.

With the use of a mini electric chainsaw with an upgraded engine, the noise has been greatly improved. Because no fuel is needed, the unpleasant smell of fuel will not be left during work.


The air chain saw is suitable for more professional people to operate. It is heavy and powerful, so it is not suitable for low strength or beginners.

The TTlifemall mini electric chainsaw is simple in design and can be started by pressing a button. The thoughtful baffle design can also prevent the sawdust from splashing and protect the safety of users.

The size of the cordless chainsaw is small, so it can be quickly mastered by the elderly, women or beginners.

heldhold chainsaw
Safe switch of the mini chainsaw


Compared with expensive gas chain saws, this cordless chainsaw is low in price and can save you part of your expenses. For beginners, it is also very cost-effective to buy this chainsaw for practice.

What are you still hesitating about, this TTlifemall mini chainsaw for gardens is worth buying.

21 days to teach you to hatch chicks at home

Incubation of eggs is a very interesting process. For families with yards or children at home, incubating eggs can bring fun and understand the birth process of new life. This will be a very meaningful activity. According to the laws of nature, it usually takes 21 days for a hen to successfully hatch a batch of eggs.

Because most families do not have hens for incubating eggs, then this is a good substitute-egg incubator.

Before starting to hatch the eggs

All the necessary materials must be prepared before starting the incubation.

1. Eggs that can hatch chicks. Note that the eggs here are not the eggs in the mall. These eggs cannot hatch chicks. You'd better buy fresh eggs from the hens from the farm or where the poultry is kept at home. This will ensure that every egg can hatch a chick.

2. Incubator. You'd better buy an incubator with the original ecological hen incubation model to ensure that the egg incubation environment is close to the natural state.

After the materials are ready, the process of incubating eggs is officially entered.

Warm up the incubator

In order to ensure that the incubator is at a constant temperature, it is best to place it in a corner to avoid direct sunlight, which may cause temperature fluctuations in the incubator.

After placing the incubator, set the parameters of the incubator. It is recommended that you can buy this chicken egg incubator with LCD display, which can clearly display the temperature.

Egg incubator with LCD display

1.Temperature setting: The temperature of the chicken incubator is best set between 99 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.The optimal temperature is best maintained at 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is lower than the optimal temperature, the hatching of the chicks may be delayed, and too many embryos above the optimal temperature may die because of the heat.

2.Humidity setting: The humidity of the hatching box is best set between 50% and 65%. The optimal humidity is best maintained at 60%.

Day 1: Put the eggs

After the incubator parameters are set, you can put the eggs. Because chickens are social animals, at least 6 eggs should be placed at a time.

Of course, you can incubate more eggs at one time. The maximum capacity of this incubator is 24.

When placing the egg, the tip of the egg should be placed underneath, and the larger end should be placed on top. This can prevent the misalignment of the embryo and ensure that the chick successfully breaks the shell.

Day 1~18: Turn the eggs every day

In order to prevent the embryo from being on the yolk instead of being squeezed between the yolk and the egg white, causing damage to the hatching of the chick, the egg should be flipped at least 3 times a day, and it is better if it is flipped 5 times. This can also effectively prevent the chicken from sticking to the eggshell.

Remember, it is best to wash your hands before turning the eggs, because the gaps in the egg shell are very small, and you may bring bacteria to the eggs.

In order to prevent forgetting how many eggs you turn over each day, you can mark the eggs with a marker or number them directly. This way you can tell which eggs have been flipped and which have not.

Of course, if you use an incubator equipped with automatic egg turning function, you don't have to worry about turning eggs. Just set up the automatic egg turning function of the incubator.

Day 7~10: Test the eggs with light

From the 7th to 10th day, the embryonic development of the egg is relatively mature. It is possible to illuminate the egg with a special flashlight to observe the development of the embryo.

If the egg is still transparent, it means that the embryo has not developed from the beginning and the hatching has failed. You can take it out of the egg incubator.

If you can see bloodshot eyes in the egg, and there are obvious dark areas, then that dark area is the developing embryo, and the egg development is successful.

If you take out the eggs one by one from the incubator, the irradiation will inevitably affect the temperature in the box, so this is to be careful not to open the incubator for too long.

But if you use this incubator with LED lights, you can avoid taking out eggs one by one for irradiation. This incubator has a small light under each egg to directly illuminate the egg and observe the development of the embryo.

Incubator with irradiation function

Day 18~21: Waiting for incubation

In the last three days of the incubation period, most of the eggs have already formed. It is possible to stop turning the eggs and wait quietly for the chicks to break. Under normal circumstances, a normally developed egg will hatch successfully within 24 hours. If the chicks have not hatched by the 21st day, and there is no error in the hatching process, you can wait for another two days. Some embryos with developmental delays hatch later.

Ensure humidity and ventilation

During the entire egg incubation process, ensure that the humidity is maintained at the originally set temperature, and add water to the incubator regularly during the process. Note that in order to keep the temperature constant, it is best to add warm water when adding water.

If you buy this hatching box, there is a water injection port on the outside, you can add water without opening the incubator, which will minimize the impact on the incubator.

External water inlet of the incubator

It is best to ensure that the incubator is in a ventilated state during the incubation process.

This 24-piece chicken egg incubator is equipped with twin turbo fans and is well ventilated.

Skincare Fridge

The Best Small Refrigerator to Meet Various Needs——from Bedroom to Car

In the hot summer, the refrigerator is indispensable.

The refrigerator can provide us with refreshing drinks, iced watermelon, and even provide space for women to keep cosmetics.

Therefore, a portable refrigerator can be placed in our office, bedroom and car to cope with the hot summer.

Below I will share three cost-effective small refrigerators, which have different uses.

Skincare Fridge

This is specially designed for women, used in skin care and cosmetics.

Girls know a lot of cosmetics and skin care products, but some skin care products must be stored in a low temperature environment to have a longer shelf life.

And in summer, if you store cosmetics or skin care products in the beauty fridge, they will be very cool, and it will also relieve the inflammation of the face to a certain extent.

This mini fridge for skincare is specially designed to store cosmetics. The combination of brilliant colors and high-quality piano paint makes the best skin care refrigerator more fashionable and more popular with girls.

This skin fridge has a compact layout and has five large spaces as a whole. It is equipped with detachable drawers and detachable shelves for storing various skin care products and cosmetics.

Portable Car Fridge

This is a professional car refrigerator.

If you want to take a road trip and want to keep the food fresh during the journey.

Then it is very necessary for you to equip your car with such a electric cooler for car.

At the same time, the Portable refrigerator with freezer is also suitable for daily use in the car.

You can put ice cream in the freezer area and drinks in the refrigerated area to enjoy the deliciousness anytime, anywhere.

Portable refrigerator with freezer
Car FridgeA Suitable for Road Trips

So what are the advantages of car refrigerators?

First of all, this camping electric cooler has a capacity of up to 26L and a size of 610mm*320mm*335mm. It is divided into a freezing zone and a refrigeration zone. Each side can be set with a separate temperature.

You can store a lot of drinks, ice cream, fruits and other foods you need at the same time.

Secondly, this portable refrigerator for cars uses an exquisite LED panel and supports touch screen function.

You can switch between energy-saving mode or high-efficiency mode at will.

Finally, when the battery voltage is lower than the minimum operating voltage, the three-level low-voltage protection system of the portable camping refrigerator can prevent the battery from draining and protect the equipment.

car refrigerator
Car Refrigerator

Mini Fridge

This is a mini refrigerator suitable for storing drinks and fruits.

This best mini fridge has a capacity of 8L and a size of 30cm * 26 cm * 20.5cm.

This portable mini refrigerator is suitable for dormitory or office. You can store the drinks or fruits you need every day in it, and you can pick it up at any time when you are resting.

In addition, this compact refrigerator can also be used for short trips, you can easily move it to the car for use.

compact refrigerator
Mini Refrigerator for Car

So what are the advantages of mini refrigerators?

First, this cheapest mini fridge is low-noise, quiet and comfortable, and the noise emitted by the fan is only about 30 decibels when it is running.

This mini fridge does not require refrigerants, is environmentally friendly, and has low energy consumption and no vibration.

Second, the best small mini fridge uses semiconductor technology and have a powerful dual heating and cooling system that can easily switch between heating and cooling.

compact refrigerator
Two Modes of Hot and Cold

A cost-effective small refrigerator is essential in summer. Come and buy your own small refrigerator.

handpan drum

Playing the sound that hits the soul——with Handpan Drum

What is a Handpan Instrument?

The handpan drum is a percussion instrument created in 2000 by two Swiss Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.

The the hang drum is composed of two hemispherical steel molds combined through the process of nitrogen.

It is generally 9-note, mostly in D minor, and is played by striking the drumhead.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

handpan instrument
The handpan drum on TTlifemall

What’s more, by purchasing handpan drum on TTlifemll, you will not only get this magical instrument, but you will also have accessories such as drum stands, drumsticks, drum kits and rags, which will save you a lot of money.

The handpan drum uses the principle of the Helmholtz resonator and can emit a stable and beautiful sound.

The handpan instrument looks like a UFO, and its sound is long and ethereal, hitting human souls directly.

The sound of the the hang drum is unforgettable when you strike it casually. Once you hear it, you will fall in love with this wonderful sound.

handpan drum
Enjoy wonderful handpan drum music

How to identify high-quality tambourines?

Three factors are the key to buying hand drums.

1. Tone.

The material of the handpan drum is different, and its tone style is also very different.

Due to the special pronunciation principle, if a hand disc wants to have good sound quality, it needs to be debugged repeatedly.

TTlifemall's 9-note handpan instrument, from the selection to the production of the hanging instruments, each step is independently completed by an experienced tuner.

2. Materials.

There are two main types of materials for making handpan instrument:

One kind of material is carbon steel. The hang drum made of this material has a longer sustain, but it is prone to rust and requires effort in maintenance.

Another material is STL. This material is not easy to rust, but the handpan drum made of it has relatively poor sustain.

The hang drum of TTlifemall is made of hand-made nitrogen stainless steel. The sustain of the handpan drum is very good, and it is durable and does not rust.

You only need to use olive oil for maintenance once a week.

Hand drum production process

3. Appearance.

The most intuitive way to test a hang drum is to look at its appearance.

Observe those circular sound areas. If the sound areas are too neat and flat, and the lines are not rounded, the handpan drum is most likely from an industrial assembly line, rather than being built by professionals.

The high-quality handpan drum of TTlifemall is guaranteed to be handmade by professionals, so you will see uneven marks on the surface of the tambourine. Please rest assured, this is normal.

Come on and buy high-quality handpan instrument from TTlifemall!

Build Your Own Garden——With Garden Tools

Many people are gardening enthusiasts, and it is a blessing for them to own a house with a garden.

The spacious yard can be used not only for playing and resting. The most important thing is that we can transform it into what we like.

There should be a small piece of grass in the yard where pets can play. Most of the yard space can be arranged as a garden, planted with green plants and flowers you like.

In addition, you can plant some organic vegetables and experience the joy of being a vegetable farmer.

In order to build ideal yard, you naturally need some helpers——garden tools.


For garden

First, you need a pruner for cutting branches and a knife for weeding. Secondly, spray tools——spray cans are indispensable.

In the end, all kinds of shovels used for turning soil and fertilizing are also important. Of course, it would be best if you had a kit for the garden.

garden tool kit

For Vegetable Field

In order to grow vegetables more easily, in addition to the above garden hand tools, you also need a large shovel and rake.

As a gardening enthusiast, you should not only love your yard deeply, but also attach great importance to your garden tools. How to save them conveniently, I have some tips here:

1. PVC tool rack

Just need some PVC pipes and templates, you can construct a tool rack on your wall to store large garden tools, such as shovel and large tooth rake.

2. Tool mailbox

A tool rack with the same shape as a mailbox can be installed next to garden bushes and can store some small garden tools.

Mail box for tools

3. Old golf cart with trolley

If you have a lot of big tools, you can use such a trolley to load all the tools at once.